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(NO. 1672. 






FOIl CA ft It VI KG 





Until thm 1st titty rf OdiAtr tied, widtwfee, 

rUtOJI New-York city by Hat- 
' i^ laem, New ltm-heli- , .Mnmaru- 
bock, Rye, Greenwich, Stamford, Nor- 
walk, e-aujrituek, ("airfield] Hritlgcport, 
Btraiford uid Milford io New-Haven every 
day, Tfi miles. 

Leave New-York, every day nt " I-S n 
t» and arrive at New-Haven by h l-tpm, 
in 14 h.n.n. 

Leave New-Hnycn every day ai 3 ^ m 
a:vi:i-:-: ; i \ ff ~i .-k il: ■ ,;v >: i , fcy « 
a in, in IS hours. To real I hour at tlie post 
other, in Stamford each way. 

tot. Prom New-Haven by Cranfurd. 
Guildford, Killingworth. Saybrook, Lyme, 
New-London, Chelsea, Jewell* City. Plain- 
lii'lil, Sterling and Beiluate ii Providence 
three limes a week, H8 miles. 

Leave New-Haven every Sin. day, Tuvs- 
day and Thursday nt 9 p m Hfld arrive al 
Providence on ruesdivy, Thuradej and Sit 
unlay at io a »■. 

Leave providence every Monday, Wed- 
nesday .uid Friday ai Bam andnrrive t.i 
New-Han n ihe oexl days by tpm~ 

-■-. From Norwalk hy Wilton, Rend- 
ing, Dnnbury, Drooklh Id, New-Milford, 
\\aslungton, Litchfield, Harwinton, Burling- 
on and Farmington to Hartford once t 
Wei i.. <l mile*. 

Livivc Norwalk every Monday nt flam, 
arrive al Nen kJilTonl hy p nt and arrive 
ai M 'i .ford <>.i Tuesday by 6 pm. 

Leave Hartford every Thorsday at 3 am, 
Arrive at Lilchlicld by :i p m, at Now Mil- 
lord on Friday by 9 a m and al Norwalk by 
6 p m. 

803, From Hartford by East Hartford, 
Otford,Corenlry,Mnnifield,ABhfnrd, Pom- 
fret, Thompson, Doitghis, L'xbriii'-.-, Men- 
donj Milford, Bellingbam, Medway, Med- 
fifld and to Boston once a week, 
l"l miles, 

J-i- ii" Hartford every Monday al2nm 
ami arrive at Boston by 10^ «. 

Leave Boston every Thursday at Sam 
and urriiiriit Hurlfiiril l>y B pm, 

-•>!. From Bridgeport by Trumbull. Rip- 
ton, Huntington, Newtown, New Milford, 
K.nt, SIi ,-on, Salisbury, BhelUakl, Ms. Great 
Earrhi-tori, gtockbridBe, Leoox, Piltsfleld, 
Laneaboro'j New AsTiford, Adams, VS'il- 
li..iii>!'.ri n»d Potvnal, Vt. to ileunington 
dm e a week, 66 miles, 

Leave Hi id^porl every Tuesday at fi a 
m ■•'•A aiTive m New Milford by 8 v m. 

Lo^ive New Milford every vVcoooaday ^t 
6 om iiit.l i.-ri'.eat Bennington on Thursday 
by 10 a r.i. 

Leave Bennington every Thursday at 2 
f m and onin at Kew Miliord oh Fridaj by 
• J) m. 

Leave New Milford "n Saturday, at c, 
*tn and arrive*! Bridgeport by r,p m. 

£u.'. Prom New Haven by Derby. Ox- 
fcrd, Snuililmry, Wooilbury ami fiellilehein 
tolrilcJiHeld out-- a week, -13 miles. 

Lt-stve New Haven every Monday at u 
c ni aii'I-arriie at Litchfield by Ojl m. 

Lfeafo Litchfleld_very Tuesday at Gam 
iTid arrive at New ffiv*n by tipm. 

2l0. From New IJawn by vVoodhridec, 
Waterhury, Walerlown, Litcbflefd and Go- 
slieu to Cananu once a week, 58 miles. 

Leax New Hntfe'n every Wediieaday at 
*"■ a m nnd arrive at Canaan by D p m. 

Leave Canaan eyerj ThuindAj ;ii On m 
and arrive al New Haven by 'i p m. 

£07. KniinLiUlilleld by Cornwall, Sba- 
rnn nni AJnenia io Poughkaupsie, N. Y. 
eoeoa vv«»k, 90 miles. 

Leave Litchfield every Friday al '> a m 
ami arrive al Pouphkeepare on Saturday by 
10 a tit. 

Leavo PmictikoepBif every Saturdny al 
2/i m aruUrme at Litclitielrf on Sunday by 

c f m, 

iOH. FiomXew Hiveo by Cheshlin and 
Boulhiugton to Farmingion once a week, JO 

Leave New Haven every Wednesday 
at 10 a m, and arrive at Faroilngton by 3 
/; n». 

Leave rarminEtoo every Tuesday at I 
p mandarr'nu at Neiv Haven on Wtsdpaa- 
dny by li n jn. 

E0D. From New Haven by North ford, 
Durham, Mlddictown. Middletown Upper 
H.Misen, Knckv Hill, Wothersfinld, Harllord, 
Windsor, Bufiiefd, Springfleld, Wilbridiam, 
Palmer, Western, Bmoklkld, Sprnccr, 
J-i'ic-siiT. Worcester, Blirewaburv, North- 
bury, Marlboro', East and West "Sudbury, 
Weston, Walerlown and Cambridge to Bos- 
ton three tinman week, in; miles. 

Leave .\< w Hayan every Monday, Wed- 
Aaaday and Frida^at a a m and arrive al 
Bpringflnld by i; pm. 

Edhve Springfield every Tuesday, Tluirs- 
d. ; 'j and Saturday at Uam and arrive at 
N.>r-.hli..ri>'. by ttpm. 

Leave NertbWo 1 cverj' Wcdnraday, 
Pridiiytind Mnndoyiat&omand arrive ,'.l 
Cu4ti.ii by 1 p m. 


Leivc Rniinn every Tiieaday, TJnirsdiiy 
and Saturday at 1 p n and amre .it North- 
boro' by up m. 

Leave Norihboro' every Wednesday, 
Fridaj and Monday at lum andarrtve ut 

Bpringfield by C n m, 
Isw Bprifgut'ld every Thunday,8ntur- 

dny and Tin."«t<y M 4 o m and arrive at 

Now Haven by B /' m, 

fjO, From Litchfield by Wjirrer, Com- 
wall Bridge and Eluworlh to Sharon once a 
HUr.k, id mtli ■». 

1^.' ire Lin I r ■ *- 1 «J wcry Pnduy at (1 a m 
,.i,il :ii,im- at f iw'oli by il (i*i. 

Leave Sliarmi at 1 p m and arrive at 
LitchfleW by Dp m. 

SlI, From Middletownhy Chatham. He- 
bron and Columbia to VVmdhain once a 
wek, 31 ml lea 

L^ave Middle-town every Monday at a 
fl and ..rri.e at Windhn'm by B/' ift. 

Leave Windham every Tuosday nf 8 a m 
and arrive ;U Middletown by o p m. 

tIS. From Saybrook by Petty Pittig, 
Chejncr, Huddam, rv>t Haddam and .Mid- 
dle Haddam to MiSdletown once a week' 
.in Links. 

Leave giy brook every Saturday at 6 a 
m and arrive ^t Mitltllotuwu by C p m. 

r^eave Etfidtlletowi) every Fridiiy ut i a m 
and arrive al Saybrook by 7 p m. 

US. Prom Harlfurdby Wiiil.»nliury,Ciin. 
ton, New Hartford, mnehcalar, Norfolk, 
Canaan, Shcflield, -Us. Egreoipnt, Hillsdale 
and Clavemck, N. \ . (o Hudson, N. Y. once 
a week, 7t! miles. 

Leave. Hertford every Wednesday it c. 
a in, arrive al CaRHBD by Remand at Hud- 
son on Thursday by h /' ."• 

Leave Hudson every Wednesday al 6n 
in and arrive at Hartford on Thursday by 
dp m. 

■-in. From Hartford hy Gtastenlmry, 
Marlboro', Ciflchcatcr and Montville to New 
Loudon twice a week, 1A miles. 

Leav.e Hartford every Wednesday and 
Saturday at law and arrive ;it New-Lon- 
don b, ;. p m. 

Leave Neiv London every Tuesday and 
Friday .it a a m and arrive at Hartford hy u 

115. From Hartford by East Hartford, 
OsfonL Hebron, I^ebauon and Norwich to 
Chelsea once ii week, '10 miles. 

Leave Hartford every Thursday at Oo m 
ami arrive al Chelsea by it u m> 

Lea. ve Chelsea evary VVedacadayat fl a 
naiidarrivu :ii Hartford by \ipm- 

21 H. From Norwich by Cantethury and 
Brouklyn lo Pouifrel once a week, 57 

Li-.ive Norwich every Thursday ft p 
niftud arrive at Pomfreton Friday bj ,'p in, 
Leave Pomlrct et^bry Thursday at8a«i 
and arrive at Norwich by -Ivm. 

S17. From Hartford hy West Hartford, 
Farmington, Bristol, Plymouth, Wateftbwii, 
Woodbury ami SouLhbury to Nen town once 
a week, -17 miles. 

Leave Hartford every Wednesday nt 7<r 
m and arrive at Nentoivn on Thurod . by 


Leave NeWtnrj every Monday noon and 
arrive at Hi;lforil on Tuesday by a a nr. 

t ai_8. From (.■..nb.n l-y Ne,W Hartford, 
TijirVngford and Tomngtoo io Goshen once 

Ltaie Canton every Thurndny at J a m 
,-ui'l arrive at < lusheu \< : \ i o m. 

Leave Gonlieuat i pm and arrive nt Can- 

tou by 7 p m, 

Sl9. From Hartford by Cwcntry, Wind- 
bani and Ueuierbury to Plainlield oiicta 
week, u miles. 

Leave Hartford every Wednesday nt 
6 'i in, arrive at Windham by 1 p. in. and 
TT"i ut Plhin field byC^i m. 

Leave- Plainfleld every Thiuflday at 6 a 
n< .in .I arrive al Hartford by fi;.-'in. 

HO, !> Hartford hy tiail Bnrtford, 
Warehouse Point, Bast Windsor, Enrjebi, 
Lone Meadow, Spriugficld, Mr. and Soum 
1 1 ell. y tu Northamptou, Ma, onceawbok, 

I. mil.-., 

Leave Hartford every Thursday at 3 a m 
and arrive .a Northampton byflo m. 

Leave Northampton everj Wednesday 
at i a tu and arrive »t Hartford by ii p m. ' 

t. Die Post-master General it expa- 
dit.' lb.' ruaila aud alter lliu t'u))i'»o? v or ai 
ri\al and departure ai any (imflkiriug 
lha continuance u 1 " tin- centmct, \.^ pro- 
viously stipulating an ade<piaii bum eusa- 
lion for any •■w.-,, expense Uiat inty be 
occasioned thereby, 

-j. fifteen mjnutoa shall lie allowed for 
openingand olesiig tb« mail, at all offices 
wnere no partienlar lime h ipccifti d. 

it. For evary thirty minutaa delay (nna- 
voidable eccidunu excepted) in arriving 
after the times prescribed in any contract, 
the oofltraetor *hnll forfeit one dollar; anil 
if the delay continue until the dcperturo 
ofid'y depending moil, whereby tho mails 
de fined for nuc!i rt pending mail loaoa 
inp,a forfeiture o£ dunble the amount al- 
lowed for carrying the mail one trip shall 
be incurred, unleaa H shall be made, to 
Appear that the delay wnta oceicinued bv 
unavoidable accident) in whith r.i^e iLe 
amount or pay for the trip, will, in all cn- 
ses, be forfited and retained. 

i. Persons making proposnla are d«alr<- 
ed to state tlieir prices by the year, Thoae 

...I. Al. 
are-nrmay he stationed, marcbad or Veer uj 

eirtvilhin'tlic llliiiu 

War Utpiittmtiii, July 11, 181-1. 
[VrOTlCE is hereby given, that acparate 
i. i proposals -a ill he received ut thn ..iiii-.. 
oftite Sucretarj for the Departnu-nlol l\ ar, 
until i» o'clock nl noon of Saturday the laal 
da* oi Decern bur next, for supply of all re 
lions ihat tnuy he required fortho useol ilfl 
foiled Slates from the Isl day nf .tune. 
IBIS, inclusive, loibe Islday ofduno, 1018, 
u it in i, ii,r alatca, territories iifiddJati'icBi fol- 
lowing, vir.. 

1st it C3tf:il M: ■l'.:l:mar; 1 ::;:ick Vov\ 
Wayne, t b.kago, and their immediate vi- 
ci lilies, ami.,; any place orpines where 
iroopsNu-e or may bo stationed, marched 
or recruited, within ibe territory nfiniAht- 
gno, theviaJBitj of the Upper Lakes and ihe 

stale of OWo, 

"d. Ai any jd.ic or pluees were troops pre 
or may he atationed, marahed or r^ruitrd 
wiibi-i the state of Kentucky and Tennes- 

y place or places where troii| 
1, Hue. ii.'d nrVecrui 
Indiana and Missuuri 

4th. At any pbiee or places where troops 
lire urmay b» statiutud, marrhed or recruit- 
L-d within the territory, the state 
of Louisiana and their rictniUeb nortll of Ihe 
[Jul] li a f Mexico. 

:>'•-. Ai any place brplacea where troops 
are ur moj he stationed, marched or re- 
cruitod wit bin Hie district of Main and slate 
nf Niw-Hanipsliire and their uolhem vioiu- 

6th. At any |)lar.e or places where troops 
are or may be stutioued, roarclred or recruit- 
ed within the elate of Vermont and its nor- 
thern vicinity. 

7lh. At any place or pl.icns where troops 
are or may ba sLi Honed, marched or recruit- 
ed within the stale of Massachusetts. 

mil. At any plaee or jJaets Were troops 
arc or loiy in- stationed, marched ur re- 
cruited wi .'fin I bo states of Connecticut and 
Hhode Istmd> 

Hill. At any place or places where troops 
are or may bo stationed, marched Or recruit- 
ed within the stale uf Nuw-York and its 
nolheru vjcin'rty and western. 

101,1). At any place or places where troops 
arc or may be stationed, marched olr recruit- 
ed within the slate of New-Jersey. 

1 Itb. Al any place orplaeen nin-ve lr(lh|is 

are nr may he atafo d, loarrhed or ru- 

•- * .nt.- 1 i^ihin the si -:■■ oi Pennsylvania, 
U'k Ai any place or placts where troops 

are or may a, -i.itiuin d. m n'eli. .1 or reeiuil- 
Pd within the Stutrts 01 ■':■■ ytand, Delaware 
and pjstrict 01 CqIhtdI 

1 8th. Al any plute or places where troops 
are ..r may bu stationed marilied or recruit- 
ed within ihe; state "'• 1 ii'ginia. 

l'Jth. At anyplace or places when 
are or may be otalioned, rruirched orre 
irnitCod within fh* state ofNorth-Carulinn. 

I Sib. A| anyplace or places where troops 
are or iriay be Blatioued^ marthud orie- 
eruiied willun ihe limits of the State ot 
Georgia end its southern vicinity. 

A ration to rnusist of one p.nm 

United States' Loan. ■^'^.^^•^^ i - 

QUBSCHIPTIOiVS to the United Statoa' 
'J Loan of Six Mi 111 001 of Dollaw, ngrci *- 
hie to the proHOsiiion nf the Secretarv of 
the Treasury ot Hie 85th ulr. [published in 
the Auniii'in Mercury of the i<\ insfc] will 
i"' received by the subscriber until Fain* 
ihe lath inst. To avoid the Inconvenience 
ofpersnnal appearance to subsrribe upplh a- 
tion in writing will be received from any 
part ofthestato, All the business « ill he 
transacted and certificates of stock deliver- 
ed to the buIjbi riheu wjthout expense, Any 
further information deWed, relative to the 
Loan will be given onTpplicatlon to 

Hartford, Au gust Bil l, mil Srt 7ti. 


j~lESKRTt:U from FortTntmhiuJ nn i!,- 

^ 3. Be >"? further tiuteUil, That a gem i ■! 
rourt-niailui shall eiu.-i-i of not |nOI* thtiQ 
thirteen, nor less tlinn nine membcre, escJu* 
give of the judge ndvoeate ; and the presf- 
dent nnd the judge aBvnratc ahall be named 
by thi oOieer ordering the coint. And a 
regimental court martid shall consist o( not 
more- Ulan five, ijor less than three Hi am- 
b'era) the president to he narmd by Dm if- 
ftecr ordering the same, And (aid courts 
•dial) he detailed, and organized, according 
ly ihe rules and ll*.i^e" uf Hftr. 

\'l. B> it/.trlhcr avidcJ, That members 

nf said courti-martial, nine ednveo'ed; 

i shall rake Hie following oUllt, Hi be admiu- 

; istereo" in general couM martial, by the 

jud^e advnraie. and in regimental courls- 

marti.d, by the president : and said Oath 

shall h« nttministared to ihe prcsldenj by 

any member of the > ouit viz| " VoU 

! swear, thai you will Well and trlily try and 

I deii-rlnine the matter! broughl beforeyoo, 

bolween the stafo lif Conhecticul nnd tin 

Di^ewfSS? fl Fa 7"''--^' 1 ";*— w« "I" : publii hell hy proper authority : 
piilu nd said duBertur, and return bun to C,, u di- 1 
lilts GaiTiann, OT serine him at nnv militarv 
post ifl the United States, Uiat he may re- 
turn lo duty shall receive n reward of 60 
dollars. ULIPH kLET RIPLEY*, 
L(.37t!l Infantry. 
Fort Tmrnlmll, (Harbor of New-London,) 
August Ctli, 181*. 71 

y.-u di-. i.i.-. 'ie djiiuiun . .■ .■■'.'■ til a, y 
member of the iourr, unless required to 
give evidence thereof aa a witue»j| in >% 
coitrtnflaw: $oh>!p yuu God. And the 
judge advocate shall take the following oath, 
lo be ai? ministered hy the President, ny. 
"You do swear, that you *!li not tiisilose 
the vote or opinion ^>f any member -: lliis 
coUrt-mai'Ua], uidess required In glvu evi- 
dence therfcoTIn ^ court oi law; ll«r iltt nice 
ihe sentence of the court lo an; the 
proper authority, until it shall lie fluty dhV 
eloflud by Ute same j arid that you will 
faithfully, and impartially do' the duty tif 
judge advocate In the court, according. to 
die beai nf your ability : so ht'.n timi Vol!." 
§ 5. And he if furikef fnatt*i\ That a re- 
curd of all ihe evidence and proceedings of 
any court-martial -hall bo made out and 
transmitted with the sentence or decision 
of the 0"urt to thfe oluCi r unlorinrj :'.. cobri 
, — „ „„,,.., and said sentence or decision slvdl '•■■ a ; i- 

Beot by us.tnOKtall kinds or Military olofhea I proved or disapproved ►.; Hie said officer ; 

and trimmings tliat have been scarce inland ali offmiej cominitted by field, emu - 

nmilket. mis'-icned or stiff oiI'tits, sliallbc uied hi 

Hartford, Au^. 8, 1814. 71 I a general court mar'.ial ; and all other nffl ii- 

_ „,,".: m "; n ~ — ~~~ ices mentioned in dns m-i, 'hall be trh d by 

v\/-" ,N,t * n m a l , r r « ,l 'tice (o the eiflier general or rcpmental cotirW-mtuUal, 
V Y Ctaise-mukiog business, on aciive > as shall be directed by the ouige.t o*d .a ij 

Inrl of 15 isr Hi years of age. A lad of I the sanle. 

KILLS at.d PHEtP^ 


H ATI', just selected and received from 
Motion, and offer for sale at Ibe must 
reduced prices— a handsome aseortmenl of 
Ihe be si of supnrjine Hr .adcloUis, (ofvnri- 
ous colours} double mill'd Casaimeres, Blue 
and oilier coloured Burliu^ion fords, Dine 
and while ribbed Htockinetis, Black 
Tabby velvets— a handsome assortment of 
Vcstingflj Fine Cotron Shirtings— together 
ith innny other kind-i of goods u unify' 

I Ihis tlcBCriplion that can come well re- 

I commended will meet with good encour- 

I agement. One from Ihe country would 

oops j be preferred. JOHN GAINS. 

Hartford, Ana. 6. 71 

Bed, I 

II time 
cd COlltl'AC 
lion of ihe 

wh ritntel will receive li 

Heir piiy onar- 

terly — jo the months uf Pebrunry, May, 

August and November, n nootu arte- 

tlic expiration of each tpmrter. 

0. No oilier than » free while oerson j 
shall be employed lo convey ibe mad. 

fi. Where the prop oser intends to eon- j 
vey ihe mail in the body efa stage car- 
riage, be is desired lo state it in his nro- 

p.. ..,!,. 

7. The PosMnaater General reaervesto 
liitnsi If the righl of de'clnrini; any contract 
at an end whenever one failure lianpena, 
which amounts to the bus «l atrip. 

;: - The ' tracts lor lh<- roules No. t 

to SOB fire li, be in npe.'.linn on ill" I-! 
day nfjgnuary nest, ami continue until 
December SI, ibit. The contmcta tor 
the routes No..Sf)0 toS3+ai-e lobeinnp- 
evalion on (hi 1 - 1 d lj ol Novenihcr nei 1 
nnd are to continue until the 81sl day ol 
December, mm. 


I*<i3l-;i\»;<, r f," ■//, 

Gbveh 11, Post- 

ITiia/tfng'/nn <'r';, .1^0 eo, [81k 

cpiarter ol beef, or three i|uart<jn ofn pound 
of salted jfork, eighteen minces of bn utl or 
tl.iu. o:in gi|] of ruin, whistoj or brandy, 
and nt tin. r-te of two quart ol • dt, run 
gunrls of vinrgar, four pound 1 of soap, and 

one iinund and a half •..' e ||i i I.', v. 

hundred rations. The prices ol the sevt f.'l 

ijmnent pirls of the rationsimll *i'e Bpfici- 

Unltitd Si m - roai r.. Ihi imbl 

making such alteratiuna in Ibt : of 

coniponcni pari- m ihe ra'ion a.oti uiA, 

a« shall n)ttk'fi'th«*price of oacli pan tner ol 

lifarn jiisi nroponion to the m^nj'n rl price 

oflln- wlinli- i.-iion. Tbfl r. - urn tO tie 

fornishol in such qiianlitii -. (httl there shall 
iu^ this term ■> 1 '■■■ propi ■- 
■ sullieirnt fur Ihe eonsump- 
[■• lor Six month ■ i , 
"i ; -".I and ivliulc aiioe pr ivinons, if Ihe 
- sh !i be rcouiretl. li is also io be per- 
mit! d to ;dl .mil every ol (he commandants 
oT fnrtifo I phtees or posts, to call for, ni 
seasons 11 iian tFtu same cuu be h-anspoiled, 
"i at any time in ease ofiirgeni v, such itip- 
, lies Oflike I'l-'iihioin in advoiii .-. aa in tie 
diir'ie;i,,,i,.| ihe connnKodi r alia) I be deem- 
«d proper. 

It is uinleistooil ihnl (ho contractor is to 
he al lb ■ e spc ian and ii h iif I isiiiug thu 
supplies to the hoops, nnd Mini ali lows 
-11- 1. lined h; ih> deprcdationeofihi enemy, 
orhymenne of the troop* of Hut Doited 
Siifes, rii ilbe paid by il* Unlud Statoa 
al tlie pricp 01 tin article > aptured or de- 
stroyed as r foresaid j orl the deposition of 
two .a- mure pinion? iff dredlhlc ehar icters, 

and-'n- .'.■!■! i.'i, .i.'e «l" 1 eoui.-o- L«fScor. 

il iling ■ ii.- 1 I..O- ni Hr- loss, nut! 

in ainounl of thu nrticlca for which Com- 
pel snu'on hall be claimed. 

The ii.-ivileei 1 W reserved to the TJnlt'id 
States 01 requiring that mine of ihe aupnlies, 

. which may b.- fin .dsliiil unisC? aov Of the 

1 propi.-i'd ennli'.ii-Ls, shall he i:-';-!!" 1 ., until 

tin ■ ipplirs whirb have beeu, or inai he 
1. 1. ni bed under the contract now In foice 
haVe been consumed. 

N. R. The Rrlitora ••( N'en 1 ijicrs tvfia 
are nutlioriied topublHithc lawsofriic [I- 
iiii. d S'.'t. . ire r 'quested to ina<Tl Hie 

goi ig advertia ni once u tvrefe fur i^u 



I ave just r. c irfil and rfferfcj 

s.ile a new supply of 



r |" , nF. Biibsrrihars having purchased the 
J. clothiers works, late'y Owne,d by /;.>- 
dnnd due Kan /*, „,r;. in llieparj-hofVVintonhury.lliry 
■' Inland now to carry on ihe business in fevc- 
ry branch, si til as blue-dying, fce. with 
puncliialltk and expedition, tllC n 1 -- nOVl 
ready lo receive cloth, and so far as ibn 
neatness rWHJ entitle IhCin 10 custom, they 
-.•In ii a share. 

lYintOnhuryj .\n». 11. 71 

f./'.'f r.iin FOii 
too f'or^ of goud Calc and 
Hemlock JlAKK 

FOR S 1LF., 

A luvgf rjuauiily of g I sole Leether, 

from 1 to fi shillings 11 poirnri, part 01 ri bid) 
•r;ls tanned two years tinet nud Imj. been 
dried one year and a In If, suitable !"i boot 
sules and atulTwo.k— -harness, upper li aiher 
and calf-skius ll91isn.ll 

Also an cxrelfom hvo-horse AVaejrnn. 

All pi>rantiK, ind. b ed to the subscriber, 
either by book Or n ite, are reejuusl^tj to . 
make f...\ men'. 


Hartford, August 0. ;n 

,- Ai' I'N fioinmy ll< use (Man b ! ' 1 1 1 ■ 
my lnvful wife, by the name nf I'nltij 
Rend, ami ibfee children, \h. tioryi H ''•e. 
and llilii.1, and tlie liiiuiluie ol'dii Inn. ■ - 
taken by David Lnthum, cariicd to ins 
t. »L*e, r,d still remain then — I do hereby 
fofhid all person^ harboring or trusting any 
»i tin ni un my Hctuuul, in nenalrj of the 

Toll.ind(Ms.)July jr. Icik 70 



MAY SEiUlONt 1814. 

AnAel for calnbtisuinq rules and articles for 

(lie g iiin.'ut of the Militia ofthe Suitu, 

or any pari thereof, when culled into ac- 
tual sen iee under the authority of tluj 

tyfc il ctKiiicd ti( the Bonemour and 

which they wi 1 wjrrant to be of 
(he best quaflw. 

JlanloHl, .itaio-st. tf70 

' ' IJ Council und Home of Jt 
lives "i fliaimrt Cou>i atsqnSied, That the 
olitocrs and Miibiiors cf the militia of Una 
ilate, or auy part thereof, wlinli Called into 
actual Sci'vicu under llic auihoritj nl tlus 
state, ahull he amenable and suhjevt li trial 
by tetfi ml nnd reajiinentnl coiirs inartEal, at- 
curdiu;; 10 the rubs and regulation* lo i,. 
after p.uvi fod, 

l^i. .'in.f he tifitrthtrtiiacttdfThat a gen 
er:.l conn mui'tfai shall bu ordered bj tin 
comm mdtiic oJliturofs utliiillitbtfn aertici 

,1 -11 < ,1 i.-;-i!ii.'.ilrjl coir' in ilnil -b <ii be nr- 

,1 . .1 bj 1 u c munnnd 1 . ■ "•■■!■ ... l._\ r«- 
,-:■.' ,1 irf ioruitry or carairf*, or bataibou 

% Oi !)'- itfirthtr t\uirt,.,t, That ar.y field, 
eomtniasinned Or stall" Bificer, ivhd shall dv- 
sert his post, drconntiand io time ufaellniij 
or alutll bn (jtultj of milking known llfi) 

MTitrh word ; nl 'dft.l'rlin,'; '.n an 001 n>y, (hu- 
liiiy, cowarulce, nr debt i ring up a mngu- 
zine in an uliemy, shall be ca'bieitd, and 
lend.n d iDCipable ofholdlng a ciiil or mil- 
ita.y otliee under Die Ltut i.n iiiniio;i'y uf 
t ! .is state. 
; ; 7. /x if fwllitr t> acted, That anv field, 

coiutnisfi ii nt sl 'ti-oM i c wild >li tl he 

guilty of disubedieoci of orders, nepj rt of 
duty, Conleinpt w disrespect lo asiijurior 
. tbcer, or n lufiici rlike, or uugenth nen 1 1 >■ 
condiict, shall be enhiei'id, sup nil tl, fin- 
ed nut esicliu- I'.ve hUr-dn.0 (foil rs, '.r 
reprjiiHi d, d, at lliu discretion cf tile tt,urt- 

^,". Bt il fiiiih'r- can. ; .i' TJial any non- 
commissn in cd oftin n n u ician trr pr.i : ■. 
v ii.i hall be guiltj ofdi ' rtlnetnaii cut mV( 
making knuvvuihc! natclunnd. inminy. eovi'- 
,i ill. i , de live ring up a niapiaine io an aoe- 
emy. or sinking ah'OtuVftr: and >,fU pu- 
vaii who shall be. found tdeepiti$t wiule jji 

!>cntry, shall be muiishcd i.-i.n m 

a ei, ml iortili,d shall direci, nil t Mcnllni; 10 

tj I). B* it furfhrr tiiatti !. Tilth Hvy non- 

i' uissiniicu ollieer, tnuiteian ur privaici 

n'lin ■■!■.. II We guilty ol .-■■ chnf, gasiniii .... 
lo.' no. in, prufani ■ - -■ lliug I ■■ .r 

■>c treuietdJ, ab . >- . i; fi'om pallid , iunk- 

ing false alunn, co itempl bi p< ei ,■: t 

■ .,.-u n. .'■ or k< uT-oliicec, or di di< 
ence of o.h ,:. i; .i b pui i^hed by I -■, 
■lojipiug pay, nr slopjiiat; r.oi. m \ n j m, 

coiiliut'iucnl ler guard, daily fati-ti ■ ..r 

O.-imi'.m.v out of cAnip, Hi ill" dl • i. li ii nf 
the, com i m kitial , and in em •■ n unu-eoui- 
missioned uflicer ^Ii.dl uflimd rtgninit iln* 

|.r 'MM'li ol (I i.- -i .l,..i !,. 1,..\ lH ie.",i- 

d-d to 'io' ranks, Aud in i iisk , uj .,. i ,. ,,. 
in. -ni K Siitliah a trail iliou oi Mjimd on h n 
La* iiuii-ni , ihe ofiico: cemuraudlu^ roph 
tli-.'i.' hni.'ui, may, with Ibe iwlvh v . r iho 
to 'in 'i -"ii.-.l oQirer nr i Biceraiifui y tl nu 
be buloiigi'ig to such tUttnlinient, orn n«- 

.1 J "l Ibvin. decide upon unj ofthi of. 

fences tijumtmlcd in this sec I 

torn mi (ted by a m i.-i nmioia Eoni •'■ ufj • • ■ , 

mm or private, b loi'^fo-^ to said dw- 

lai iii'iei.i. .n,.. L j i . i v i. ill . i ■ tin , ol ihe a- 
boee rtiaclloucd punishm nl '. 

t) to.- /ic ,'(/<"■'' ' Th«l ihp nfll- 

cerwhose duty it shall lm to nj.|iitrti< any 
riunlence ol euutl Uud-ltnl, shah b.o.- Ihp 
power to pardon the offender, >-r nasi t< 
bis punhlnsnnt, as hu shall |i;d...- m-op r, * 

ij 11. .)i<J bt HjH'Uut tntufiaf, 'j'iial if 
any gtuiend nlBcer ahall hi ■,- u ;v ••' ' ■•■ • in? 
ib. olO ri.H, detailed in ibisacl which n hie 
bi ri.-lil or nthet cuminiasioaed oUii ■■!-. be 
sIihII busuhjectto too ft una pu nisi un n •, 
ivhtcharo provided for thoro, and shall be 
intd hi a gi neral court niarp ,l, lu be m- 
d. red bv ibn cominande'r in chief Ol Ibis 
siaic, to*reeabtj tu the provisions of Uns 

Cmtrul .?.-, „ on, 1814. 

HXU\ i.filfSUACKl'S.ape.iker 
-ii thu Mon-e of K' i'1'i-.'i,: itjvi 


■ ■ It ■ : .'.a DAi, Secretary, 


FOR i.t/iE AViuiS umCV 


An act t.) alier anil establish certain Post 
BE ■: rmuiedby the Sp.nat>- and Houst 
of /.-_■. :■■!>,- of the I'mu.i Sinks of Clinton Hill, t* Cahukia. 

.;.■,:■ ■ • j i Cong -■■■■! qtscndiletl, Thai 

' it IroBtlfi be nailer named be discuu- 

,.'W .1. 

/./ .Mnrylmid 

From Queen Ann's to Piii Point 

In WrpmtV. 

T'-inn Mecklenburg omirl house by St. 

Tammany nud Loiulmprfy.-GfDve, to Gee'a 

B.-iilzn.— Prom TflzcwcU court house, 
,■. i{. ( -I-II court luiOSC anil Let- court 
|i mats, to Uarjiberiaud Gap. From Sjiiiug- 
fieW lo R>'ii;j|i'v. 

J'l.YiW; Carolina, 

From K :.;".. I;,, by Gale's court bouse, 
to E leutoa From ISu'eabcthtown to 
VP . ■ - .iiie- i'mm CamloUe, by Bt-ady's 
i ' i.i Lincolnlon. 

In UcorJia. 

Pram Greerjsborough to Washington. 
P -in Drtritm, by .!uih.~, to Milredgevil- 

fa Kentucky. 
From Lewis Ciittrl bouse, by Flenj- 
in ■ fjburgo HiHei shurgh, Mount Sterlin .. 
Olim;tian Springsand Little Sandy sail 
works, to Call itabiirg. 

fa 7Vh ■ («*, 
Prom Alexander's, by white Plains, to 
C ithaga. From Bledsoe oourt house to 
Fsanulin court bouse, 

fa Ohio. 
Ft no Stenbenville, by Faucettstown, 
tn\-n [jsh on. Prom New Lisbon by 
Balf-ii'to Colombia, Prom Springfield 
In Ti.>y. From Zanesvtlle 10 Cosboc- 

/• Leufruuiia. 
Frpiri La Foiifob) by Point Cowpoc, to 

Of ..'I lOaB. 

fa frttlimi*. 
i'. .tii 7effcrsonville, by Clorksiille to 
Vim eJines. 

2, iiirf 4e ilfkrther enacted, That 
th.' toll oviu': be established posl wad: 
/,, AVs F/u itpMre. 
Thepostroad Ii miKoi hes(ertoWafce- 
6 *iii, be altered -o lb,d it pax through 
p raritigtnn, MidiflefoiL and Wulisbor 
ougb, tu Wakefield! 

/< Alain, 
Kroro Waterfnrd. by Norway Plania- 
(ati id Third, Burnfordflnd Bethel, to Wa- 
tcrfurd. From Livi-ruioiC, by Jay and 
v. tlton, to Pennington. 

Ik Mi'smdiiii Its. 
pr .in Bpriogfii hi to bouthwick. From 
Si iffird Conneclicul, by fijunsoB, ta Pa! 
ifcr, in HasuicDuaetts. From Hulfiel' 1 , 
bv Wbstely, (Jouwoy, ami Asbfietd, to 
ObsrlemonL Prom Aihd to Greenfield. 
Fr >m Kingston to Hntifnx. 

I ■ Cotthecttrut, 
Frini Middletowu, by Hi Wind- 
ham. From Sharon, by Ellsworth Corn- 
(tall Bridge and Warren to Lilclifieh!. 
T om Providence in It. Inland, thro' Sell 
nate to Aahford in Connecticut. 
In NcwYork. 
PrrtmBeltaburgh t" Deposit. Fron> 
Ali<ai!v by Bath, SaiidX^ketSfephonsan, 
Hun' 1 iclt, b:hI Laneiborough, toDaltooin 
Mi - Buhnsetls — 

Prom Sheldon, by Wlllink, Etafnuorgli, 
■ (TnlOfl From Onondaga'by 'I'ully, 

J', ilite, and H it, to Cuurll^ud court 

liouse Prom Ch atcrSeld in Jay, in Es- 
< <.ii ly front l : w -.ksiiiM, hy Wsat-Fcint 
tu N«nhurg From Btauiford, by Wa- 
ll rvtlln, to Rosetillc. From Espt-.-M7,a, 
'■ i ti iii tie, court bouse and Middle- 
li r "i, i Stanford, nn the turnpike rood. 
i hfOi Midtlletan. Delnware county, by 
< olohPBter and Hancock, t« DepnaiL 
1 roio Aurelius lo Semproniom, — From 
frooklyno to Flatbunh. From Alhauy, 
t "lirnci-'r': ".' u ta Shiffiskt in \] ,"-,i- 
i iiuaetls. From Cairo's by Windham, to 
I i a I'.'liji From Greene uponUic turn- 
pjke weal *f Linl«. 

/i A';/f Jersey. 
Froro Moniatown by Newtown, to 
PlUlbrd in Pennsylvania. 

In Ppjintylvania. 
From Wyson, by Orewjll and Warren, 
tn N'nlieoeke id New Jersey. Prom 
Waablagton lo West Alexandria. From 
Wr:», by York Hnven, to Middletowu. 
From BomcriMit, by IMolfoni, Turkey foot 
and addisan, to Smith's Bland on the 
notional rti«d. Prom Lewiafown 

In In/flana. 

Prom Dsslon in Ohio, to Satsburj-. 
From Waahington e. h. to Valmia. Prom 
Cbarlealown, by Wellington c. b. and 
Liody's mills, to Vinreiuies, 
If Illinois. 

From Cuhokiaby Madison c. b and 
From Ka^kaa- 
kia to i .Iim "ii c, li 

In Delaware. 

From ChriMionnn lo Newark. 
/■, Maryland. 

From Liberty tow ii, tty Union Bridge 
aud Uniontown, to V. estminster. From 
Annapolis to Pis Point. 

In Virginia. 

P"om Clarksburg, by Morjtantown, 
Wayuosborouph in Pennsylvania, lo 
Wheeling, From Monroe court llou^e 
to Lewisbiirg. From Fredericksburg to 
(lie iiumlhuf Hip Pnt'tmae river. From 
Pincaatlc by Hie month of Cow paglore, 
to OallflhanB, From Norfolk, by Eli/n- 
liiili city, Fdeniou in North Carolina. 
From Wood c. h. to Jacksonville. From 
Mnngdon, li-' Russel c. b. andMockiiiaon 
Gap, to Abingd 

Springfield. From Duniinr s, by Wolnul 
Brancli, to Faupuier o. h FromC< lu'm- 
lii« lo Warren From Cbartotlsvillc to 
Wnrren From Pereeval'alo Louisville 

and Jjnmbardy Grove, to t>l Ta uny. 

Pram Peleraiiufih, hy Frenehlown, to 
Mcirgnnvil'e. From Hanover e. h. hy 
Hanover town and Newcastle, lo New 

Kent C. li. 

;„ Kitnlvekij. 

From Moont Sterling to Floyd e. h 
From Bnrd.^i.n'n, by Grayson, o. h 
Butltfr h. in Ruteclvl I*-. FromWaab 
ington, by Wifliamsbureh to Levlac. h 
Irn'ii Greenup o. li. to 

I • North C 'j-olina. 

Prom Grayson o. h. Virtynia, by Ed 
vrarrjp aiili 'Wdlinm», lo A*h c. h 
Frpm.BurTolk Vi o'oia, l>y Ptidlmry and 
Redes c'. b to Edeliton From Trent . 
Biidge, by Trwiitoo lo Pimhn c. h From 
Wiwon to Gates c u Prom Windsor lo [ 
Williaffiston'B. From Pi ilmmglon to while j 
vilh- $. F.iirldiifT, to Barfl.-id mill in Somh i 
Carolina, From Charlotte to Lincoln! in. j 
From Bailbary to Lioculutbn. From Hill- 
borough, hy Hich Bocks, to I-*nox Custle. [ 
In Tennn. ee. 

From Newport, hy GreenviKe, Rnpcra- 
Till** and Leoe., h. in Virgitiin, to Ciirnlier- 
lund Gap. Prom Carthage by Sparta, to 
Alexander, From 8parb*,by VMinvillo 
ant) Winchester i-i Franklin comity, to 
Htiiitirille in the MiBsiaaippi r.i.itny. 
In South fit roli . 
From Belfast, by Sdtlerlhwait's to 
Cambridge , 

In GfOrfrfiJ 

anemy kepi *h. SB to their wnrkt, notl'liiR i man's Creek, &bnnl 4 mileB below Fort 

mporlanl occurred- M ft force was left in 

imi r. .ii ; the H' it.his hi i ■■■ abaudened to 
the opioiy, «nd we did hoye Hint iho 
movemeni would lis*v« induced liim to re 

oecupy in- I... or " iu nearer to us, t>» 

as to bring un an ■ "■;■>: "-iufni out of his 
works. Iii this we were ditappoln ted. Tin- 
army returned to-day, and round a body of 
tnilitin j»nd a few regulars in and about Utc 
H^iiihta. Gen. Forter pursued them with 
bia i-. in-, n ..,it ..nil a few regulars, and wus 
so fortunate. ;>* t»> cmne up with and cap- 
ture seven officers and ten privates. They 
will be gent to Qreenbush. 

Very respectfully »tid truly yours, 

Hon. John Armstrong, Secretary of War. 


t-ll<iartrrs, CIHppawa, t 
July 1Mb, IOW. S 

I)tir Sir—On the 29d iiiKt, I received a 
letter liy expresi frrnn Genera] Gains «d»i- 
>i>iL r me, »ii Hie iO;ii the heavy guns 
thai I had ordered from die Harbour, tu an- 
able me to operate against Forts George 
and Niagara, wave blockaded in that port, 
together with the rill* regiment thai I had 
ordered up with them, t Kid" ordered mean 
Kims anil troops in boats, jirmided th-j 
From Paghtnwn to E Dmm0 (Iorc ahnuld r, r 

(hii)i.t to enrtvov in Iris Heel not doubling 
ml he would have brennpnn tin Liiki 
fur their protection, and that the enemy 
would have been driven into port or ciptitr- 
■ ed. AsUen, Gnints iiiformed mi' that the 
Commodore wai cOnfinf! to Lis Vi-d with a 
fover, and »9 Ite did nut know when the 
flcrt would sail, or when thr guns and for- 
ri s thut 1 had been expecting would even 
leave SarkeU'sJIflrbtnir, [ ba?e thought It 
I proper to_ change mj position, with a view 

i" athnr nlijeeta. Yon know lirjw greatly 

,1 I am disappointe I, ami Uiarffofe I wll not 
[dwell upon that pain firl subject j »nd yon' 
can best perceive, huw murli tta* been Ii'^t 
, bv i'ii- di'lay, nod the romrnand of Lake 
(tie Saady Bait . Ontario being with the enemy, relinm e be- 
j ins placed upon a different state of tilings.' 
T!)t> Indian? lufl m*- some Srae since. It is 
said th*i they will return, hut this you will 

iv't'eiiv. depends upon rirru instance*. 

The. reinfin'c in .ts tmfcred on from the 
t'-u West have not arrived. 

luUi?, rcftWCtfllPV and truly, 

H n, Secretary of War, Washington. 

battle of Chippewa. 

Copy ' !' i lefttr from Capt L. Austin, aid 
t" Bon. Bius^n, to .lie feecretaYyof War, 
i dated 

Brad • OnfiA era, Buffulot,) 
j ilj SGlh, liti'i. t, 
I I hav* the honor of adilressing ynn by 
dehirc of Gen. Brown, who isnovr conllned 
hj wnundB reeelved in ^ severe i^ud despe- 
rate L'DgageniCnt With tho enemy, on the 
j aflernoot) ;i'hI nighl ofllie 3Jlb instant. 

Our a.-nn it ,<l fallen back to Chippewa. 
| Th- eiii'i'i', t > I ie c ting every regiment f rum 
, Burlington and York, and meeting with no 
opposition on Lake Oir.arin, transports I by 
i waler i ■■ Fori <;■ • i :i<. troi.pH frrnn Kji-c;- 
1 ton o- ' even frescotlrWhich .-nabb-il tli^.n 


A batlation of riflemen has arrived at 
Buflaln from Saekclt's Harbor, 

There are several niDIODR respecting 
the arrival of our Heel near Furl George. 

A British Indian was detected on Son- 
day lasl in the village of BulTaloe, as a 
Spy. On being examined he confessed 
i. his crime, and was immediately executed 
by our Indians. 

I subjoin a lelter from Sackftt's Har- 
bnr written by an intimate friend of mine, 
to a gentleman in this eily. 

Extract nf ei hlhr from a gentleman al 
SuekrtVs Hiilior, lo ItUJritndin Jllbii- 
dy, dated 

"FackktVIIahiior, Atlg. 6. 
" A Mr. filmmaker who was last sum- 
mer a prisoner lo (he British, had a few 
days since the cnuunand- of a hnal bound 
from Oswego lo this place, loaded with 
provisions for lh« army. Yesterday off 
Sloney Pi>i;it he was attacked by nBritish 
barge commanded by a t.ieutenanl of die 
royal navy, with ten men, and after mad 
ing all the resistance in hi* power was 
compelled to surrender 1 . The Lieut, nf 
Icr lahifig posse isiono^ Hie prize, sent all 
his men lo join ann|her boat's crew, ex- 
cept four, which he deemed suffiVji nl to 
eeoure her. Mr. 6hOd)riker not miii It 
pleased wjth the Idea of I "Wig a secoiril 
time a prisoner 1u" IheBriu-b, f.'i'rneda 
resolqfion, Hhieh wn,< no les- daring and 
hitn pid than if "wia, ultimately ghtrfuUs 
mid Buccewtul. Walking the t|eikwi:b 
Hie Lienleiiaid, _ wilbnul any (iiwoiicirt 
».ilh his brother and a Mr. Sertfeanl, « bo 

of 1775 ?•« adopted by all oar amm*~ 
Libtrly, Kqual Rights twd jutl— Liter ty 
of the Oram — Tyrm,h offend tfam. 



77t« fli-eeft to the Princess of Wales. 
" Wihobok Cahti.k, May 23, 1814, 

" The Queen considers it lo be her da" 
ly to lose nn time in acquainting Hip Piin" 
ct^i of Wales, that she has received a 
communication from her son the Pnnco 
Regciil, in wiiich he suites, thai her Mc- 
jflBij 'a Intention of holding two Drawing 
Bonms in the ensuing monlh having been 
notified to the puhUc, he must declare that 
he considers that bis own presence at her 
Court cannot be dispensed with — and thet 
he desires it may he dittliiu-ily understoid 
lor reasons of which be nlone can be lite 
jlldgB, to he his fined and unalterable de- 
termination not lo meet the Princess of 
Wales upon any occasion, cilhcr in pub"- 
lie Or private. 

" The Queen i^ Ibus plnred tinder the 
painful necessity of initmatins lo the Ptin- 
cenofWaieB the impossibility of her Ma- 
jesty's receiving her Royal Highness at 
her Drawing Boom. 


Jlnsmr of the Prinrtss of Wales lo the 
■ '■ Queen. 

,( Madam — I have received the letter 
"Which your Majesty has dune me the 
honor tu a.ldrc-s (nine, prohibiting my 
, ■<■ '■<■■'! ■n. al Hie public Drawing , '.■ ..>, ■ 
'■ v lii.h will be held by your Majesty iu the 
'ensuing lounHi, with great surprise aud 

were captured with him, watched his op- ,. , win not „ rPSnme to diaouw w jft 
purlun.ty IhYew the Jaerit, osr- brnnd, 1 (r v , , i( , B whir|) , mjst be „ 

and siiatch.r.g up a gtoniy knocked dour, - ^^ (o 0Uf w -,,,, M )o „• 

asiikirwilbil, tlnncalhujou Hi iM » Yonr MaitMy la well ai.-iuaioted with 

rades r-r aaa.atan.-e, ha.1 Ine .atWaflmn l(h( , affvtn - onaU . rfcartl wiU) wnic h (tie 
to fiu.l himself the sole opmuiarider of bis B ^^ 90 kiw] yH to j 1|)nor op tu 
,bo H | asuiin .— Mr. S-aitd bih brave a»o- „ ll .j )Pri(JI | of Wa Majeetr'i' indis position, 
cuites, however, in .ff.ctmg their dehv- whirh nQ Qne rf his Majeaty'asubjeoUlwo 
unco Ware ,.v.^r. h wonrtUed-one of w tttueh cwseto u^r.t ^ m^f^nH 
thPmhaviiiconeofu.s-haiitlai-utoff, alitl that his Majesty wa« graciously pleased 
aether re.,,ve.i ?> , angeroja W uud m ^ bMt(jw nW'mja the most unequivocal 
lu-bc.-d, by k teafy sabre Btt^ ianprf,-, , tod ^f^ nfe p" r o'offlfhiaattachaieutaiul 
er British barge wfneb lay at a little d.8- R ^ 0B|1n fcy , h ; B h(ic ri . Ct , lt iuQ of 
lance d.scove,... R tlie si, Id'-n 'rf.n.ler of , ne nt his Conrt.ot aseaaoitof severe a u( J 
command, pushed [.il..wn uimn them and ^^^ 8 rfiiotion, when his prolecu-pn 
ohliged Mr S. uilb hi*'comrads to aua»., Was most necessary tome. Tbcrr 1 1^, 
boat and take -to a gig which had ,;„.,",. .,..;„, „,.„,„i^i„ ,. a -.A ™» ..,..,... 

From Milledgevdle. by Greenhoro' to bring against us aforie vastly superior. 
LexingtOD, ami ( arnsvilfe. : l "" 1 "; '"- command «l m. g-,,. Ilmmreond 
._ 1V.I.U.. ', "no M 

From Millrngeville, by lrvinton, Dublin, | 

i .r Qe i. Uiiill. 'I'i'cj- " lire- met by 

Montgomery e b. Tatual c. h. aiul Ba 
rington, to Darinp. F:om Dublin 10 
'I'.liair c. h From Rlceborough, by 
Sarringmn and Jefferson, to Ht Ma^yi. 
From Brunswieh to Frederica. 
In Lonitsniu. 

Prnm Blanchardsvitle, hy Assumption, 
to Opecloosa. From A-samtition to La 
Fourch Interior c. b. From Concordia 
to Washita c. b. From Concordia to 
Warren c h. 

Sec. 3 A;dbeil enacted Vim'- the poM- 
mneter general cause a mail 10 DC carried 
from (be nearest post QffiCe on any es 
(ahlished post road lo the cpurthouae of 
any county which is now ri may hen? 
after be established in any ofthe sialts "r 
territories of (he l ! lited Slates, rod 
which is not or will not OthcrwJBe be 
accomodated with the mail ; and the 
road on which the same shall be an aar- 
ried shall thereupon heroine a poa' road, 
aud so continue until other provision shall 
be made by law, for the accommodation 
thereof with (he mail 

Sec. 4. And lie it further e-nnclfjt. That 
(he Serrelary of State' be and he is here- 
by authorized to transmit by the mail, 
free of postage, oner p\ ofthe doctijnenls 
hereinafter inenlioned, being op auhjeru 
of a general nature, and which may he 
ordered to ho priiilcd by either bowse 
of congress, namely: of com BUnieSUonsj 
with the accompany ine ib'-irn ifts, 
made by the Presid.-nl of the United 
filales to oon^re^^. P£Otth«r bouse there- 
of ; of reports made bv (he BPCretftry of 
slale, by (lie secretary of the treasury, 

us near (he fall nf N igara, whare a moxt 
severe conflicl I'-u-il, -I' he enemy dispii. 

ted Ihe grou d ...u rMrHutjrm, yet we,« |W 30 „ la|11 , gfctilul. Cot Slow cW J 
(Iii ven from erifly ^Kutmn they alUmipti'd ' - 

to bold.. We vl'ii*i*.-<i lira batteries dii 
■ in front and took p > BE ■■fall lii;n' l|e- 

r\ tHn\ iviihstBnaii^JHi ImtiianAe aupei^or- 
i ily birth in numhera- nad purilrnn, he was 
[ iiirr.pletely dffetttad/- and (lUr tfoops Te- 

meiued on iKe'battlegrpnnd nilhunt any 
I interriunion. — -As, - hmie'.ir,. huHi Gcn- 
i eftrti it.pirtu ami Qua S.-u.t leid reeeiv- 
j ed Revere wmnirb, 7,1,-nost ■every, chief of; 8 ; a . Prepare BgftlnAt ' the worst 

batlalinn diwb). : 1 d J .iiirui.n quite *a- hoi , e - lur , np i, fbt . '1'he militia, 

don-biiiiiuMwiH ■««»«« ■ wttihiw iiw sUii-e uoinleifupttKlly paid mv respects 
aecomprm.ed the enemy's ha,. ^ m ir , f : m ^ T ; I am - now wilbont ap> 
make their way for ft-oh.M's garoour, ' ^ ^ ^ lof | Ui|t , , . not Sft f(ir 
whcrelbey amved msafcty." . . . fifr-et my duty i" the Kini:. and to My- 

i ■ . I 6elf; as to surrender iny right to appeal at 

Extract of a- kilt from B'irtii.gtrm\.1u^. any public Drawing Room to be held by 

2, 1RI4 I your Vrtj.-^y. 

- " Movement of the Nortberaarmv— i "''That I may oof, however, add to th* 
General M'Comb's brigade, marcbed ,dTfIimby*»ri ancasinessbf yourMaje-l;. a 
from Cumberland Head on- -Sui.dsv t>ilua(io,i. I yield, In the present instance, 
rAnmfDu last. Heritml Sisscl'a 'briged'o l0 <** " m « n ** B ^ HislmeaB tho 
yesterd.-v morning anil I understand' the' P-buie Repul r aju.ouoced to me hy your 
troops have all left Pittsburgh exiepr MrrjrMy, aud JiaJI no,t present myself at 

• the Draivjng Roouxoflhcnext oionib. 

"It would Oe predumptaoiia In me r& 

[altampt to iut|bireof y»nr Majesty tke 

, rtawmsof bis Reyirl Hichr.eFSthe Prime 

; moM th* WATIO-.AL aptoc»ts, / ' R ( .„,i„, f., r hh lnr^proce'cding, of which 

TOTIIEMIMTIjI orTItE.U.YiTEJ) his^Royal Higlmei- can alobe betne 

niuiids at Plattfburgh." 

Fellow citizens, pennit an old conti- 

nental to .i'I'i i ■ ■ v.. a' id this eventful cri- 



judce. laurmiconVions of offence— 
ion!, in (hat reflection, I must endeavor te 
5nd eonsolrtico for all IbemorHllcaliortaL 
e\p.rieiice,— .refl "fnf this, ihe last, the 
.. 'most onexptr- ted, and (De most- acvere— 
l N '■ " w " *o»^'PrudenI to retire >o , , , „ ■; ,; ^ . (h |W ,| B j (|1IO( , bppr „ hiWl j ()0( „>„ ,. raoBtope, not t* 

ordrt , without any mnleatatHui from ihe r of "" r l,btr, - v ^^ mdependance. Ap- appear before your Majofy, to offer i^f 
enemy; our wounded having mat beenfic ! pean.nces.nre threalen'mtr. The enemy ci.iigra|ulalion3 upnp die nappy teraiui- 
maved. ■ ■: . ■ --has* contemptible opinion ofyutbe tion of tb^so colninilit^ wilb ithich Ka 

Major Gen. Rinll, with the Aid de Campi is (aught tu hi lieye, that «ilh n few lliou- rope has beerj so, 'oui alftictcd, in U»e> 
of Lieutenant Gen. Drtimmanil and rihuijt | Mr ,,| ve.dans lie c'm averrnn the country, prosence of . thu Iltustiioua Prrsormeoe 
twenty other O flic era ™ ■'•**• *""• k ""' **•• A '— • 
privataB, an taM 

Tho lops o.ibn 
nt ncOAunt has yet hi en returned. The 
Aid and Bn^.-dn Major or General Bcotl 
are butli rc*tr^y wn culed , and Captain 

leers, with two hundred,'^,,,] rf , ri . y havcw k and derruction. Teach who will, in all ■|irol»ibi!ity, he a^semhled 
, prjsonera. : ^ lf]l | 0rPEpcc | , „„ ' Let officers and' sol a( vour MiiJsisW's Court, nilh whom I am 

Jct'hcen rernrneT* The dier- submit for discipline. II is imich_ w closely eoniroctcd by birth and m-ir- 

• regretted, thai u- sooiiiw war was 
declared (he whole bad* of jnHKa laid 


T beseech your M'.je 8 '!'^ ( '° me- an 
Vid'uf General Brmvn, 'most nr»t been pnt under A r-mirfte of mdiwry act "f justice, to which, in tlie present cir- 

probahly dead,; having received two bull 
through hta body. iBotb Generals Brown 
antl BcoU art^on this*"pieeofifinefi bythejr 
wounds, ii.. in i (I ilitrieyctiminands on die 
Other, , -. - ... 

I have the honor *V he, veryrc-1" CtfiU- 
ly, sir, your Rinjl oTj'dieot*ar«ant, 

L. AUSTtKeA-n. Ci 

Hon- SeorfiUnyojE JKar^r.WAshingtnn. 
P. S( General .JJrown received Ms 
wounds o >:'■ lame instant during ihe 

lut ii of tiie action, but still coi doued 

in keen his burse until jhausted bj Ion 
I of blond, This prohnhly ha. r id>;/e(] hi- 
Wounds m'nrc painful ih.ui they woBl 
Othorwisa have been. 

exercise. By Ihia Unie they would have i cunuvtauees, your Majesty is (hooprj per- 
b, r ['reajiei bfl srtny. How. \f,' t it is son competent, by acijualnling these illus- 
Did I late : U] '•■ • ' weeks! %o'p \ii'i 

prnb f 'y, have to h?B«t the 
'"■'i'i-i,,,i f -' filrage-i t..',, rend*. ■ lie (leait- 
y, fi fg aud unilaliHbfd.andynti 'HIgivo 
a "-.'.; - e.iuut of hi'ii The at1varttaj> 
ges nl ! f w inline 1 are great, b h '•■• OfRn- 
,'n - Jefe'ueive war* Discipline*' 'ill 

.-..ii.l. ,.: I,.. -. .\n im.lKi-iplii 

. Ihe secretary of war, by (he se«jrlnry of | 
Bev.tto,n Middleburgaodaetm'.Grove!;^ N "r.bytlie po ; tmasler ;, ; wral hy j From tho Albany Kegi & tor, 
loSnnbury From Beaverl -wn t . Bur- i ht ' «W*N«erf the sinking fund 

gelfitoH. i?romBurgeu,(ow. byH6o1cs-Hj ™™ n **< »' e, her h.,»,e. (here . I, m ; Extort o< Itrt. ■ ' - - 

town, Georgetown, Beaver Bridge and CT'T l »T or » iot ' t « B ' ',' : 
F.dkalown.toNowLbiboninOhio %««niS.T ,! ' ™tiT n wporh * «b « Y , (hi . . - 

jecteofa geueral nature made t» < m 23d ' I ■— '■ 

gresa or eilhnr honse thereof by any .Brink*, i 

committer- reepectivaly ; for pach of the for UieTr gellatil 

judges ofthe supreme court, and of ihe [|u Inlter foi his 

dulrict courh.,«nd ef Ihe territorif of i-.eip To Col Hi! 

the United Stales, lo any post offri e ment, he returns mure l< > 

I! trlillgville to Enstnn. Prom Wilming- 
ton, by West Chester, to Poltsgrove, 
Swamp Churches and Summary town, to 
Samuel Seller's tavern on the nost road 
leading from Philadelphia town to Eulh- 
le'.em in Bui Its county From the town 
of Indiana Uttough Kniauing to Butler 

ft Ohio. Urbans to Spring6eld, in Cham- 
pnigne county. Prom Canton, by Spring- 
fii-td, ShutSel.t, Talmadge a.nd 

trious Straiigera »villi the motive* nt ner- 
soual consjderartoo towards yout Mflesty 

wiich alone me to nbslabi froio 

Ibr exercise of my right to appear before 

your Mnjasty^-qml thai 1 do now,' us I 

tia"p done ..< all times, defy the iBaHcwof 

rrtj enomiea to '- upon rip the shadow 

oYany litti impiibiffoii wKch could render 

i.Weii beaten, carpioi rfljly : end , mc new jrlby of their society or regirrf. 

laonra.nds Mil be kiilejl and " v.un M jesty vrill, I am sure, not'uo 

II inJ might h. ..<.e.ll.v nn-.r- displeased (bat I should relieve myself 

. ■', i,ai , .Ulcers sod from a suspicion of disrespect toward* 

.■;■•■• i.ii n- vim vdln.<! yoUr your Majesty, by making puhlicfibe cau«3 

in honour, and the of my absence from o< , atalimewhen 

■ \ mi. ih ■ country, perfe'^ the duties ofmy siation would otherwise 
■ ■• umi .,f anus.. Imilate * peculiarly demand mv attenrJance: 
hict of (In- western and ', "I have ilic.hoiior (o he, your M jes- 
t! i-y line done noblv. ' lv,s fi'iwt oliedieot II m ;!it. , -i.i I,sw 
■ - be laid a-i.te during j aen'aut "CAROLINE, P» 

within (he United States (hey may res- 
pectfully designate. 

April 16, 1R14. Approved 


From Ihe Nalioinf tnlfJtfeftttnr. 

He d serves [lie ?r ritude a i 
('•>;i of rite nation : ne or wa; 
prise mow horoioally exeeul 

. i merv man do <»«■*■ dot. 

1 »ill he glorious What ^n 

• ie woillrl i' be fur (100,000 

unit 30 nr ;tn noo men lo ilir- 

i riishon i able pom fl to IImjTf a un- 

i. I joniure y'"' 'o b- Irm- In yr nr 

ivi «;, ygur children, and yflljr eountry, 


ConnanghtH ■!(.■. lay 2-t, 

WA"smtrGTONi Kjr< July ti. 


Cleveland, from Poutsmoulo to Van. I Gen^raTKn" d l ' ^,, " , - , " iv, "" ir '"~ 

eebueg in Kentucky. From 0rbanato 


was Ihe ralor of a veJran' in ••' prmdly | spurn Ihe idea < fhase and cowardly stih 
(b.-pl.r, ed The Hrigadler ('•■ i re vas j n:lssl n TM not a single villnge bp gjv 
satisfied ".i'h ■'**■ annduct of his atntT Lt en up wlflionl making a brave defenca 
M"t uiald "f die 19di and Lf. Clairlt, of The pyeai fail (be world are upotl ynn 

ihi old' 
From Ohlllicotfae, by Lebanon, thigh, 

to Cinrinati From Athens, hy Lancai 
t- -, to Ci.luuibus. From Ca.lj?, by 
F eeporl. While E» efl, Plains Coshooton, 
M mnt Venion and Clinton, to Frederick' 
town From .stub'le, by PaucettB 
tuwn.Fulktowo, Acbor, Fairfield, Colom- 
liiaon, . v aleui, QrisBfUl, Sandy Store, 
Tbntnpaoji 1 ! salt works, to Slubeqvillo, 
— Fmm Columbus, bv Washington to 

■ wounds are, the n u* in b 
r ihe other iu the upryjr part nf lli 
Gun. gcotii has also two wounds i i 

the shoulder and leg 0". (be other < ■'■- 
Lt.Gen, Dnunrnond, h woundnd it is said 
dangcrOUsly-sjid Geo. Biall in tha arm. 

Copies of Tellers from Maj. Gen. Brown M 
the Secretary ,.t Vfar, tinted 
Iltiut Quarters, Queent/oM, / 
July iii), i;:i-t. \ 
ne*a sia — On the fcOth die arrny mov.-I b 

flon t»«\eju*. I befi.TT Uinmwii body came up ; |.„ , , 

the nth. 

The officers of Ihe brigade have to 
mourn the loas nf Major M'Farlund, of 
fbi 83d, hu<1 It Jla-l-w, of the 21st 
rt i. iii-ni : lhay died on .ha*, field .vbere 
nsnldtbr sltoidd paol to perish, cdhmily 
leading ami animaling their im n 

( ignod) K W RIPLEY, 

Brig, Gen Com'gSr! Brigade " 

Tfip armv remain ai Fori Bria That 
place in grenl exertions has been, render- 
ed very strong 

The cue my baa ndvimrsert from Cbip- 

A P^eero Girl of 1.1 or 1 4 years of age 

helongiag to Mr Reynolds, Sheriff of 

Bracken Contiry, wag ]*%• evening i ■" •- 

foreign an l \mi ri an bwinr*i*nd | mitted th [he gadl .'filial enunty, lor He 

' nl.T ..i'ii, i... nf h. r maaier's children. 

The thb-at 0? those children, we are in- 
formed, yTfll rdJOUt 5 years, and Ihey woio 
;ii! itrangled in'Uia Oolirsa of a few dJaya. 
lefendi Weleam thai the' cuiprll oonfessea (ho 

hi*w fm 

Teach tber 

Hieir rights, Vour successful struggle ' crimes-, ai.d furjber sa] c me is ooly lorry 
will i" "iiituate Ihe friends of freedom in , th'i! bl fore dcte ctiott she bud not succeed- 

d in »iinihii;ieoiie more of Iht ma-O'i's 
i.itilren and one -, titr child in iheut-igh- 

bo.b worlds, and perhaps he ihe means ■ ' 
preserving fl'I nations from Ihe chains of 

tyranny. The sr. at changes in Europe, 
occasioned hy the treachery nf some 
ureal seoindreh, and the eormplion of 
the British priipiifry, have -. I the cn- 
tni"3 of erpia' riglili nil a tihrh hor>c 
They calculate nn crushing liberty in both 
worlds. Time »>il| prove, ! Iinpe tin 
fallacy of their nish.s Raijyreiind the 

pen ii, have taken a pociliun near French .alter, democrat?. Let the rail) iug wont 


\i:iinP* v.iiV N.u.i-v. has eloped 
VI fi, m my bed ai J board and althout 
in y in a provocation, I hi rebj turbid nil per- 

annshari ■. •■ tnislingher on my aa- 

■ i ,- i .h ■'! 1. 1, i paj nn dubla oi tu— 

hi iiraj ting, niter ihisdatc. 

Fjli.tK.ry.Au4. ic. ;* 

FrtMii the Naliar.ut IiiMligr-HCfT. 

; " Resolved, That ffe will undo our- 
Etrircf ii uroia with our brethrfen of the 

1 domrtcy : and an U. first approach of the , s-i 

i , ,„-,,,-. , make it n ft wHtaon Cwdae, I whaMbiiito of Ml tue P 

■■ Ueiolved Thai humbly ootuldtog En ' bad, nod govprMnen hu aw* up a con 
H,e favour ofthe Almighty, weliope to|sidcmbieanpply to their reiiei. 

Ipmve ourwlvea not unworthy of that 

j tV, ■■ doiri won by thelieroese?! ihe <• ota- 
,, „. ai.d Iruit thjf the enemy liny van- 
quished, will receive from us a similar 

d So!«d, Thai «**t>ig).ry «pp*w- df roftnt of jnltUEi 
(he wi-HbUrea for public defence which ■«' bnmes 
have been devised by the government of llottoi 

which he went tn MwkiflAff, nml found rnnjiett His eulogy am (he ■fintia.: cru$ri ani 
St evacuated and loot posaMnmi of i( e> tf - tto/>(. /"orisr, and hishW ox M. ifnruA t vol 

IV The Bridth — m*" KJbM.ih. ^:2-:^^:^;^.r , !;2^: , ':::: , ;^ : & 

answer was given thn't Ike 'inhabit aM' 

would defend their firesides mUitJinr lives; 

riUsh »ad fndiaos robbed tin * « ,: ' i,f ror eivinR orders lo enpturo a j ^ the request .of genera] CnsIiing, | a. 

- nn* "v ii eewnfroa a roast which owns no govern' VMllftmsord ired out the I !th and 60U1 rcj- 

y, evinces o disposition of heart, ns on- ] mehta for the defence of thrt tows, I on- 

Candid a* it is witftbd. On 'lie gallant novy grevfe rockets neve fired on shore during 

ot* his country, and the Cod Fisheries, Mr. I the night) without injury* anil tins motring 

hu i il speaks rnost pompously — '• Bhall ni nun-rise, n cannonade comlneuetd, and 

we surrender/ those brilliant trophies, which still continue*— ntue*cloi k. 

Dayton,(Ohio) ■!»'!} So*. 

fori UroenvJIIft, Utat an were reared hy Out' forefathers in ihe revo- 

;..ui by Hi*' 

H»««^Jl£.JSiTsV-P r *-t'' 

We learn from 

.press arrived there oft Thursday laal 

from Detroit, which slides thai a detach 

s sent tp Hie riv 

r.cconiM*e, had arrived at 

iih a numb r of prisoners, the 

E v ■ „„■ tM 8lDB«T OFT, E UNITED STATES j „„ jj,,;,,,, .. t ate 8 _by his excellent the baggage ° C ^*£^*£ T^! acT 
or mm. I^noronbia^andhy^ 

Wtier-.-.A-j gw-Bl and weighty matters, j operate in carryitfgthe-same mlo < 

a! execution, 

"*-^<^;:;™^l"-- On their arrival a. the place npnoidted 
to Ihe atom* ge... rail, to JJM^M rfj^vered that a number of 

snn;i as -may he practicable, Willi coife "J" f 
Ihenihulwomihv DfScptemberDMP.forlT^ienco.iRthefrwspc.cirve wards, for ™{P 
M m«lio g ». Ih* Oit, of WuMntfj n ; u, e purpose 01 drscree ud efr •«*«" a. UB 

such comihiiutcnbhm ab tmy then ^ha | roUmentjOf pe.»ous.. exempted hy '» w ■ RlJv) J nr4 , rti MltlllJkei , Ult > e «emy in their b 

blaiaiineiM piwsidfcmUor of the Qou- 
p-esti o! th»l m'twl 9t« -•', rortn an >Mra- 
ordinnryTweaslon for «o.ivenmg them, I 
du, by these, prweenta, ap| 

'and left of the road, and meet ftjr.nia ot a ;,',,;" ^'n,;;^",'!;, ;" lll|;t ^ ;f K . KnTieVrarraicVi j tiVwn, The comnMndcr .l, ihe IHUu E 
it he red'ouun ended certain lime and pi we, wjnob they did. , Ulu . ... 

a saperxnndatttd government rbon retitnietl n—'^-r to 
at by a tictntiniis multitude . | " (tiat he would nol gi 

lint MqiuIaj . 

anile to'hein, at)d t-> ronwdl -amUlffcf- ; fnim rnilitary se&ifje 
mine on such OKasirtcB aa in tlieirwis- 
domuwyhe deemed Uieet for the *?!• 
fare ofibe United Stale*. 

Iu tetliruony whereof, t hayccimsNl l'ie 
^enl <',\ tiw. United Suifiea to be 
hereunto affixed, Shtl rfgneJ Hie 
b anie wjlh-wiy hand, 

i)nne «t>,t|ie city of WasKpg- 
. Inn. the .iv'htli <lH> 01 Au- 
gust, in the \ "I our L<>rd 

L 8. 

Bv th 

and fourteen, and of the In 
il, [iHinl.uee of the L'nited 
Ktates the lliirty-ninfli. 


Seattary yj ptttUi 

ndvaneed, allai 
rp the enrolImerX of e^.T, and took or d,.!r OV ed the whole nf 
ma$S3SI* serrioein the bar- -thrirdetocl.ment. ,a,rt to fM of 60 

dragoons well mounted and c(|mpt. 

horor as artillerists. 

"3; The enrollmerjl.,of citiieni for 
yoluv.farv labor on the public work, 

'• Kesolved, That it be a special dnty 
■ >f ilicSvard coinmittnee to provide, under 
the directioii\if. the eorporation of this 


The miliii.i have c^llc'cfed rnsnch force 
luihinary slrifgsjle ?" Mr. R. precisely; ns t" prevent a landing, hut wo (car thai 
states the rfcaaonwhy those trophies sliould the plane will h« nuatly (hjsttoyctj, as ttie 
bepulkid down ; all Europe lias a deep in- . enemy are lying wfthiu Is Ifgmt^no*, lad 
teres! iii seeing them levelled wiili ihc sur- 1 our only defence is two long K pmiBders. 
fare 01 the ocean, or siinlt in the iji)tes, — ' The expedition m commanded by cm- 
'.■''•• lant is arriied whith will trcwh Mm- I modore Hardy. 

arch* :i ■' to look mVA ind\fftrtnte al Rebel- , 

{ton. France lun to deplore tnnrty of her | AtorrespontUnt at ■Ni-w-I.ondon, wiys: 
Isssesnnd miseries, in consequence of sup- " C'ommnderc Hhuiy sent in a Uagtci 
the insuxrecbuus sumdard in Ute demaod a surrender of the fun and \..\-w, 
\\ ttisfi eolonien. The revolutionary fury I in hour, or he would destroj tin 

nr,im.inrti'r tif \\\$ li.lte C 

it Miiiioiiuie, 

it up si> lonetia 
he had gol a nmn to lire a gun \ ^ " (J & 
not got Babtport ta d<al rnth." They 
sent over til line or two nMnrk in tho 
morning for nmnlunitioi, ha they bad hut 
a few roudda I 'I'l-" 

The alurra al PCew-Londbn waa great) 
as the filing was if > the rnuht ; the rock- 
ets and Shells plainly seen, and the roi- 
litiu all actively repairing to their posti ex- 
pecting on attack there. We hear noti inpj* 
of an attack on Saybiook, .Mid presume Uiere 
has not heeri any, ndtnithsCmding 'Imi 
rumura ofa visit (loirt llio etieinv I at 
[>o=t. A*. "V, Co- 

were smiled at hy a 
■nvered that a number ot horses , ttio hydra of faction reared iu head, ajid 
eil lowards Detroit ; thoy p»r*u- ! hmugtii-a virtuous Kins to the block. For 
i(ti llieni In the I a lively illustration of (besa lacb, wo refer 
It | our readers to a perusal ofa discourse deliv- 
ered by the Rev. Ilr Jno. Btracban, D. D. 
latw day of general 

HAKTFOitD, August 10. 

'ITie editors oftiie Mercury bsvejus! been 

REW-TO.Rh, August II. 

A gener*'! rae^Htig vfaattetU ui^l.e T' 
yesteidaj ' id mnn, pni*uaut (o jiobli^ 
notice. 'Col. 'Rni.T«trp' w«i un^i.i nOUSjj 

t'.U for n>e relief and proteclion of-lhe I politely favored w-ilh Uieperusnl "i a li Her 
may be al»- ) from one ofthe volunteer patriots who have 
enRugedin defence of Stonington, Th. 
y iitthal plac 

one thoirsnirde.fht hundred Ifiu7im«8 of such p> 

sent ■ " public' Hfttj ; end also to provide j been 
in ih.' lost inanorr praoficable, for the j ""^ 
protection of sueW lielpless persons and 

their prOf«fy ( -a»4ft-^!H8e ofalanrjinay 
-be desirousofveuinvi^pinlo the cuiintry. 

" '• u-'"o:-..d, that all a'ssocratiows for 

milibirj' service and fur pprfoiinin- lobor 

on llib public worffsWreportei! to,and 

receive ■iiiHbm-'ftms from, his eieelleofly* 
the gn^einor of this ''state, or such officer 

r.s he may tlrtslgiiafe'. ' 

"Rflsolved, Tliat we will .endeavor 
lo promote conebrd and'rtav'nrony.-and 
i-ill discountenance all attempts tirtvea: 
ealled lo the -ohain. «wl Oliver WolcoU, ! (jpn ft*, pntnotir Bfibrfs of e"0* citir..'if>. 
E-ti apnointid setrelary. fipl. Wiliu,|- ... ftaaoived, That we will: endeavor 
on npV<ipri»bicVverv impressive ten**. j a ,ri s ' CO eer Biidsubjeol to the flnimad*ver- 
addresSad ihv aseerobly. 'Me, Rd- 1 r, , virtT1 f the Ia>vs, all (t'fcfso'ris "ho shall 

be t; locemed in any illicit coromercBlsr 
iinpeop*' r triteronufse with Ihe enemy 

" It.— lived, TTiar Henry Rulers, OH'. 
yer Woleott, MarinHS Willet, Cadw;il!nd- 
*/■ n.Ctdil^n, John Swartwout. v rjio"ioa*8 


from a coiri'^rtief- appjmiicd fir the'pQr-' 
pose, reinotid the fi.fowm-'prea^hje 
and resolutitinljj wsiich were r--> ■- i- 
ved witb. innuutgonq^ apjiIaBse bj u> 
assembly. The- cjinfloursv ■"(■ «)|jwnv, 

ifie procee'llingB 

" Fdlom-Citirrnf-^OniH' rtmrt we are 
en: -i ■.-.<: -I in war wi;fi b i;i*w?rr^'iiatf>'tl 

"T^e ocean iadenrecTto ni ; our coin- 
merce 'is prostrated : our waters are 'Vh>; 
fcltcd ; nor Md is invaded ; 'liu-'He fleets 
• ml -.-I'o. * iiireot.-'ri to ooriyert .«wf b+ibia- 
ah'ous to htups of ruina 

•fall parties, was sirasnriUty B/eat? " 1 '( , "-«^fo>riK rJrditVMiii^ Willin-n,..r, jtur. 
not a dis**n<ing'vok-c wasJstard daring 

lion an answer to whieh i-. rutptested. rt e 

know of mi one capable of solving it mdess 

ithethe in'fd/ Editor ofthe Mirror. We 

rUchnrd Biker, Anthony Blenker, A-hra- , ^iff iVi-Hon tt..te it to him with a r«t)uest 

ibatas sima*ii his (o« (wiiimw will permit 

he will fa.voor rhe public with an answer. 

Irjf4 guhB iu four ships caonnl take S...u- 

Hone Da, id huTtoirw thtwo lir r ..>.n.:.i' what propi^ 

' tionof his Majesty* Royal Navy will he a- 

Llclo take F^rtsTninthull J* Gfiajyold. 

iced that Orcat-Brilairi has nut a 

a friend in tho United States. 

After a eniiseof nearly two years, du- 
ring whieh she annihilated our commerce 
in tin- 3ouili Bea, tliie*vesiielhaBbuen cap- 
lured on the cna.-t of Chili, in the harbor 
of Valparaiso. The Esawr, had done the 
British commerce more injury than all the 
rest of the American navy, since the war 
commenced, in the capture of 11 of t-t sail 
of whalers. Most of those vessels are fur- 
nished with iraluablfl eorgoiia of Brijish 
rmtnufactures, whioh are disposed of to 
grunt advantage, on the western roast of 
Spai i h America, die uaymenj being made 
rliii'lly in gold and silver, whith accounts 
for the prodigious quantity of specie that 

hiid heeil landed heforr- llifEs-.-v illi'llipl- 

cd to c-cfijie, The sum mentioned ig two 
millions ufdollar*,whuh is prbadlj no ex 
ageralion This, together with the value 
of the vessels, and the produce of llt-iir 
fishing, may considerably exceeded a mil- 
lion sterlings &&•' 


We understand the President of the U- 

nited Slates Ins conferred In. ect mnH On 

the rollawing gallant soldlflrs for their dis- 

" Above one thousand 32 pound shot Bnd | fjnguUilied merit In the present campaign 

mqre than S0_0 slieJls wen- thrown ut the . j (1 i-, ,,„.,. Canada. 

toftadiiriogtiieengugement Kut hlill the: Brigadier Genera) W. Scott, Major Gen- 
lilfie band nf patriots, stood undismayed, i ert .| " 

their nag nailed t^tha'ajaff; | . JV^nlnr H. Leavenworth, 9th Infantry, 

- ThegeolIemanfromwhom'theletbBrwas Lieutenant Oloml. 

rereived,sUies.acini'iiisio^un.e,ie,l .|vu;- Major T. S. Jessup, 25th Infantry, 

ieutenanl Colonel 

battery at that place, COOsUtlDR of two 

)8 prjundera, was bravely defeudeiagainsl 
thealUel. ofa 71, a :.u g*i ship, Sksionp or 
war, ami a bomb ketch, under the com- 
mand of >*ir TilOnas Hardy. Two of the 
Itoninston /jutrali were di;co>vred sneuk- 
ing out to their friends ami good custom* ra 
daring a eessatien of the contest. Tliey 
ittpulated that no tovpefloea should hcit- 
i.'ii out from the place, ai d that Mrs. Stew- 
ard and family should be delivered up next 
morning as a pledge for ihe nerfonoaic* nf 
their dastardly agreement. But fortunately 
alt the inhaliitants of 8toningloo are not 
under British influence, and so the contract 
nfjlieiwo ftinnrt-aWe gendeineo was not 

United States' Loan. 

SUR8CRIPTIONS to th^ United eisites? 
Loin of Silt Millions of Dollars, agrui a- 
hle to the pmnosition ofthe Secretary of 
l/ie Treasury of ■ S$th ulC- (published ia 
the American MH un of the Sd IniL] » ill 
he received by tin- suHsnib^r until Fa I DAT 
the iluhinst. To avoid the inconvenience 
ofpevsonul appcarancKto eubserilw, i-ppli- 

c iti inn iu wl'ih 
part ofthe stdfi 

I! he received from uoy 
All the business will he 
transacted mid certificates of iHock defireictt 
lotbe luhscrlherfl witbnul expi;4i. Arf 
further information desired, relative U> the 
Loan will be gi«en o.i annlictitio tin 

b Ml: .'HAliL SHEr AKD. 
Hartford, Aog-B, lot* ™ 

j _ HhdB. Beat retailing Mobtssas, 
*0 ulihds. W.E.Huni, 
SO 13 bis. Brown Sugar, vaiioiis aoaliiies. 
40 Bhls fri^h 9. f- Flour. 
4(100 leet 6 hy H and 1 by tt Glass, 
£000 Hush. Rock and Si 'l Uei Salt, 
luo do. of Livi rjidol blown do. 
Just received and fot»ale by 

August 10. -s 

bam ;BI'inHeond,' Bfephen Price Abm 
fi-irn f5ti^e..rnme's Lovett, Ahnharh .^al- 
iy/W3uVin Snrnnson, John Vandejbill 
Trjib ^-impofTonUrr, .Iii 
Brypln Jacob SherreiV BenjimunSerrlfl, 
Wllfiani Ofdtriffn. Reosi leap Huvoiw, find 
■Iteter; M'i'-^n, ten. tie n conimltlee to 
aanf.'s' with' .such 'cbnirnittee, n^ nay be 

" We are oalled upon to save.oun'pn*, ■app'oipled hy (be corpnralion and bv the 
■ESsioEB from Spoil ami d*'-trut U~i\i t idVi-'-'-pertive ward*. and in coninnetion with 
secure our person* from'- slavery Bird ."them, to adnp' atThicasures essential to 
death: to protect our lViiulIies afeiiiislj'thi' oijl.lie s-ife\y.- 

Oulraee and violence ; !o „uard our, ffigjtj-' t '_'.' Resol o,!,,. That this eommiitep enr- 
tuh'ons from assault and overthrow ^ t,o jjq^p"'n 1 wjfb <gir.. fellow .ciliy-^ns in thin 
freeborn valour. <jur -cji^jr s! H fjd iho nevrhbonnr; stalec, for the piiN 

defend hy 

bought intli p'-oilene.«. 


- J pri-P -if invitinp- them to form v:)liint«rv 

tions similar lo those proposed in | an - eul j 

'Itie latrlal authorities, eware -of -ihiffljow., 
BXffidiliJD of tiling- ,hm e mad* 1 p'm¥&>Wltf ftjhl 
niiiet k. 'Viie n iL>oiiid*pircfnmi'iif'bL-.8l "ile-olv«d. Tliat the proee primes. of 
j.u::uifiih'd ouc tw.'curily by foriificanpn-; !t;,u rneetipff besienei] by Ih" chairman 1 
troops, an<l a floaiingTorae.-^'Ffie sla(e lRnr i serretarv, and nublished in all the 
hu- extended its care, and canseo; oHiei J-'pnTilie papers of IhU eily." 

works' of defence to iie.eie^ed, Tl»e [ ' - -"' 1 • — 

■•i.jimt.j-! " i::n 'I "I 'he,"ciij h^ wfyurcd,] Emm tht Rufnh Qalttlc Ertrn r,f Aug. 3. 
to I: -'i:'- »ur safety. K.waly remains- j It ia irjth pfeasure we announce a brill- 
(hiit the soipkof bherty eotD*' lot til ia their : in„r nlT-ir to rrtir render*. 
might] timd doaunslrate thal'tU' a contest i. On Wednesday morning last, th" enemy 
for'all that la uear aud dear to-theni, tu.y ( ero-^od th* Niagan rlv-w. belnw Sduaw M- 
m - ii.,-ft,t_ ^- -- ,and, a mil" b'dmv ltlu/k tlnek. wl'h a foC' 1 

;ofnr rejmeatii nrcnlrraily at 

By our paper of Ibis day, it will be 
seen that Oopgrewf ii called upDli to con- 
vene at till en'rlier <hiy limn that fixed on 
by ibe act of.the IW sl-ssmu. The tea- 
sons for this call will bv oisclosed hy die 
President at the proper tiiiie, and nn i-t- 
teiupt lo anticipate them would btpJUQ 
less, if nut uubet ouiiii|l in Ui. 'i'be tnO- 
menUiUS changea which have reeeiwly ta- 
ken place in Ihe political si iIjc of Euriip 


they do, oui intereals and 
our prospects, will present lo the mind ot 
every reader, ot leust one cf the consid- 
erations which probably "uiduced the 

measure. Nat. Intel- 



« Our regufW n-^rneatenre.alrrfldyflt $££™ '^yTn^h^W' 
lheir«la(»)oa. .Ttieyargauticdtniniia *.nlf [anA were ^ the ConJ'icke.ta ci-epk b 
join tbi.^1 on trfc-a^rirtei^lauiniriori-. 'J,'lie ; fnrl , )| n y light, hv Major Moboan. with 1e« 
tiiveraj'coriis i>f vrlu'cfeers are inflamed 
with patriotic ardor. To these bands, 
other railitnry associations wilf-be aibbd, 
cau|i»n.J of those who enjoy honoiahte 
exemplions from ordinary service, but 
who will come forward on this trying oc- 

" This merlins ia called for the pur- 
pose of enabling u& to renew our' pledge 

How our neighbor at -the 6foae(/< OffUt 

wm relish Ihe ea«iiva.ion'of hia Mdhtreal 
brethri d fort»5ipomrnmry iflmndomne'ut 
of his ftitiji'sty'i HbiAeflB, and ospousal 

of the •>•!! ■■■Mm >i'-'r<it ■iiu'-i, we e.omot 

Major S. McNcul, 1 1th Infantry, Lieu- 
tenant Cola neb 

Captain T, Crooker, utii Infantry, Major, 

Captain N- Ton-son, Artillery. Major. 

Captain T. HaTrison, 42d Inwntry, Major. 

Captain L. Aubiin, 4 *'. i ti Infantry Aid to 
I Major Geuiial Brown, MTajur. 

Fust LiuulW.J. Worth, 23d liifsntry, 
Ail to QcnoralSaott Captaih, 

Second «. Walts, Dragoous, 
do. do. Fir.-t Lieutenant 

Lieut. Colonel G. E. Mitchall nf Artillery 
bns raceived Ihe brevet rauk of Colonel for 
his defence of Oawege, and 

Major 1). Appling, 1st Bifle Regiment, 
Lieuten. it Colonel for bis K-dlant cm> rpnsu 
In capturing the whole of Uie enemy « lbr«e 
at Uandy Credit. Ait. laid 

Singular circumstance— Then; are some 
facts relating to tlw capture ot Gen. R^U 
which may nut he uninteresting. On the 
day of ihe memorable battl* of Rridgewa- 
ipr, CouL K. Tcnna, of th ■ tstli Infantry, 
u, conversation wilkai*. of bis brother offi- 
cers, observed, Ihut in twenty -Ibc. hours he 
would return nilhG. a. Biallund suitprisou- 
,.1^.— During the evening of tliarday, Capt 
JCeteAum, with a small body of men, eir- 
enravantcd tho BriUeh avmy, and s ot '" 

Ihtir rear. Ceo. Rwll, supposing lh«m to 
boa body Of his own men. ordered iHeai 
to charge upon the enemy. OuRt Ketchnm 
coolly replied— *■ Sir, "1 receive no orders 
irom you- I ioinmAud here— please lo <Jis- 
uut" Guil Hiall after » slight i ' 


His this itatj : ">n-c-i, '( tht Th'-'rr, and. 

f'nr ,'tttr al th.- N< ID Vor/C JjT*fc'o T . 
■t'OTV-SIX d.»2. west quality b|a#k M» 
V roeeoSKINS. 

B dozen gfeeu do. 6 do.yi-llotv 
10 do. n.-d [loans, thai will nol f n de 
3 do. pu.pi. . 6 do. yi How 
A do. tVo-d'Hods, * d». gruan 
mi do. hliiek.for tfhbesand H^USii 
|a,000 wt. Sole Leather 

-inn pair Ladies Morocco thoes 
■jo Gross I'i.idi.i 
H;s other Goods Mill >"■ here won.- AH 
customer* .md friends arc rrquLsted to rulf. 
Aucust Id- IfW 

junipi ■& ni 

SACKS Italian Jt 


fork, ( ( e H{ bjil l.-ro mem i 

th->o 9"i riflrm 
e rosso d 'h" brfd 

flrinT '■•, 

,,,rt of «h" 

r theereek. hit e • r 

,H the. (mflgo taken up.' Ill'- 

lined nearly ihrep hours, when 

roSs the 

the "'iemv liuiliiig every "(Tiirt t/i 
ereek iidiraijing rec tossed f hc rvyejfi 

Durina the aVtopq,' t 1 *" en-mv IhVew ,i 
nUmbethfsnotjhrjili.ell'* ae.rois the rher.' 
Thelo's nf fh- oii'-'ovn i-f ln^" "heeh ri 
eing 50 killed, "'ounib-d nnd missinr. S^T 
o support the constitution; to hmgo-tnd WCTe'fiinjid H.'ail, hnd thera wer<*i(p 
rate the laws; to aid with ourbest eil. its t'-'^aii. . 

thi ad m in intra i "urn rif our beloved country ; 



n laken fl'wav, during (tie liMtle : prli- 
.,i.. rs 'iVd and th""C de*iT|"<t. ' Our ln»« 
to see thai it be not approached hy spies waj s kj||i , |f - M fe ir g #Aw „ H .. ^.^^ 

and emissaries ; to delcud the great- m- w hom"w«yn Capt Uamiltio, ml Lleul 
teresls ofthe union with our treasure and M'i't'^h, (laii^rou-sly and Lt. Wadswoitl), 

our blood. - ■ 8r-v.Tj!y. 

** It is our glory and our boast Ihut «'« ■ '" '^* Mai. Moron and his 
are freemen. Our eonslilulion and gov- CorpH 
ei-ument nr.- ar.ti* of our bee and unbiassed 
Choic*. They are ours aud we will nev- 
it abtmdtn them. ■ | w w B „ eril y having been disappointed 

"The cilinens ore the snreguards of a \ n ^inins; BufTdoe.m -de u n-wem«aton 
fn e slate. Their light to keep aud bear nUr pniitinn a' F"t Erie. They t»|wn- 
anns has never been infringed. Wewill . ed n fire on tha FurU from a large-'pioce 
usethe.f weapons resolutely in support ! of artillery placed on the point about a 
of ojr previleces; with these we will ffHe below, wWahwai Bniwurfd from the 
,. ,.' s ,'. , ,„, , n Fi.rt and a sehoner in t!i» harhor The 

mantiilly oppose Ibe enemy who bIjuB ■ ■ " „ M ,^..,| „„ r ,,;,,.,„„ with »,,,„.. 
presume lo mpBde-thera. r,,,, , , and marched into the o»"n gmii id 

" With tltesa convii-iians lei us make a . ),, r ,, Hr a f n,,. p n tk and commenced ■ 
• omhimd 'fljit, . Li^t ^ one '.'onuihute ■ |,|. : , w fir" of musketry whieh was warni- 
(heir I ib'K towards [he e.,uipl(!li-ju of the Iv rehnriGd «fld a h.isk discharge f"»m 

ence iu tUir ovvn. way— " peticeuoly if 
tii -v ran, frtreiWji if Ihey musl." — in ex- 

[,,„:. . i ..eihhor'h crime, JShn 

Bull oi 

till' AO" 

( ..,,iv i ,,. m ■ /-'.:.'-''■■ lo a m< si 

cru.j te, q ■• i' tin hi -1 extinguish- 

m , n r of h pi md fceliogs fa fulher. 

Should H is in i " M, < " r '■' ?,r 

.brotEior lie ,'''' B a l " ll 'l ''' ' : W"' - 

iab brows, ..- is rrtjlliMd iuslead of em- , 
bracbig Ihi m viiili rapture, tn (urn . 
frtiii them :: (i vt»'- ' ""- ht t " ; ""' '" 

b'utsl BU i tllSDJM ""' • -■■' ■■" '"' l '" 

dignity of 4 ii-'ivu.oi, and exclaim wita 
every true, headed Vmerionn, . 

" A dayVan ho fr, of virtuous liberty, 
" is Wurth a whole eternity ofl Inge '■" 

adjiis't the ditfer- taaec, in which ooa of hisaidawas ItiUed, 

rovered iheraielvfti with linn- 
Th'e Major has been ioincd hy Capt, 
Birdcall, wirti 160 Riilemen. since the .ir- 


TJm frigate I ra, rated « Runi, was 
Inuriehnd al Baltimore onMondaybUl wA. 
,l, hul be hn^ one or I ^wAa thenlAiidtlaofiu.trOdaihiiiriugspec- 
,„„,.,,, nni'if. Iltrfoer ,,;,„,,. gbnis » .. ide.d bj 
pEtiiiv, the gul'njnl ■ ■''■■ 

We are happy lo stite, that the gallant 
Captain Porter has been appoint d lo the 
,.,, „,,,,,,„! ,i ,1,,- new 44 gun frigate now 
Eluilding at Washington. 

3 - hhds; Kentnebj LWlseco, suitable 
for Segars. 
30 Cask; of \ R-ginia, do. 
If tierce? Liv ipntd Clunn Suit 
mu UuSIh'U LishBll Sail. 
. ill) kegs ' Eiiigar. 

,sn pip , ouunirj G|n— Cogtvtr Brandy— 
Vidcnia k Qreeh Winr, Ameilcau Gun- 
Powdi .-. oi - itu "t 

T K l.n.vCeT.ts CO. 
Hartford. Aug. 10, Bw7* 

PFlO/'.NtX BAMf,°.aJlTroRn Au«l«, • '". 
l OTIUCii htr<:b> give.n, tfi 1 03 'b " r t 

i . nf i puratibn ui till t ■■ 1 ^ik ^ 

iii.-eii -g oi ihe Stockholders is hen by call* 

► d In n[,'..l .1 ihe oINi'C ni tile y . t ^ I '! 

ihe rtlj oiHniford.ou tne iinl Ti,.. y 
ol -eptcCihi-r lu-vt, to ih ■■ -•■ ■ h-n ■■■ I *ii- 
tors tort l.i' yearfos.tiriR- !sos*evi . Dbee> 
,>,- forth ■ Branch ->i : d tu .1 , 1, he 1 i- 
hhlbhec Jl t ii. hie li ' d ■! «hicli hum 
ruber subj ■■ is rew ding 1I1 biU -' of 

Ih* ■.. mti. ., "id ha si '■ ' 10 

the :'■(■:- 1 mid ■ I i« ' tli« ■ 1*4- 

.leut d LI 

........ .... V< H, Casiiier. 


e..s of rti'illi-rv, soon eomn ■*lli"i 
ir..,it in e;r«Ht eonfuwo'v, leavhig 


public Works. Let olhera practise Ibe art 
of the artillerist or the fusileer. Lid oth- 
ers again minister comfort to Ibe wives 
Bud children of those who heroically meet 
danger in the fie: I All will IIiuh he ani- 
111 ii".| ,'in i united; and the joyous s.nli- 
njent pervade every patriotic bfSrj'tn, that 
guarded by the love and valoV ofthe peo- 
ple, the republic iasiUel -Therefore, 
" Re§.ilv*il, That tho citijTenB here ns- 

aanbled, will, to the )«et nxtieauty, de- Joseph**. Hewnl dmt to si. Joieph's 
fe«d tlieii «iiv. 

: 1 . 


a numbor of his m«ji on ih" Held, na thi 
price of bis temerity- Th« ftfll isl los of 
ihe enemy we hive not ascertained. We 
had a few wounded. 

Extract ofn letter, tinted 
Cb.ii;.-,!!^, Am 
We have just hea^lthnt e i!ut d Cr •;. 
ban is in posseeaUg <if IVTaokinaw mid SI 

Jtotiwi i'"t. 

T/' 11 '' Montreal !! ■ ' '- 
The wo", yl ■■■ i ofihs ii.i -raii-t \mer- 

i,-. 1 Britaji id Cf i id 1, are now brought 

t„ i| tl . blush ; icj bum with shnme "t U10 
iI„.m hi m" 11 tying beeti ftc dupes or New- 
Bnglaud cbicanory. Ml champion of fed- 
oralismi of [hn law of nations, of British 

rights, Mr a0SSBH.,tl litornfthe IU<- 

(.„, (lazetie, has now "hew " huiwell win I 
h.-r.-.ilv is, Hi.' oh unplon of 1'ini-v and 
pM,aKtioon. Tliis m.01 had for a loos >»- 

llftfOf Poofs StOrtd n;;li in the e.tno n uf 

Ws parry, and evori of His opponents J hie 
pi ,bkj "and sincerity were never called m 
question, Bt r.msr t»*An Bin, Bi a 
B 1,11. vkd to bk •ro- 1 an "' •* 
am ,1-uiiiriii, me! th.- frie < 1 n| peace 

Willi that nation :— Bui lius lay sy (9 im- 

verted, and mm ia nw without th" fe.u of 

foproacb, or tho snoeraof deceit, speak out 

tlietr neoffiTi i, and p *dnco ibal the 

Mend party Ins ever I ' the •aarst ■ 

myoftlTigtand.andisrion bar avowed and 
ni , 1 ranenrotu fo*. lo (uiiImw proof is 
wnnted Th« re narla ■" dr. Rua«1 on 
more official u Ih ■ ; "< " ru I* 
nil others if lisc.i ' 'h 

U*eh V-. n von.— We uudersUuid lha( 
the Grand Jury U.v found bills ngainst 
several persons ui lliia tily. who are . inu- 
god with having furnished Gre euetliy's 
squitdron oft" the const with supplies of pro- 
visions at Hi ' ley times -im e lllB derh.ra 
lion of hostilities , and ihe offenders hpi r 

1 „ commlUetl to Btidewell lo Utkt 

trinui for bisb trou on. 


iTSO.I ■ 

;[,,. ■ ,f I 

4i I look poraeajlon at (bat pod; & u ro Uajtns on tho part oi PieriiJaut M*&i 

A". V. M.r. .hh 

Tht Gontsal Ord-r of the SSd of May en- 

I f'n-ft. 

Wo understand IbatLieuU-ROBBRTP 

and BOSS, have bfCD Btruek troui Ihe 
roll or the iirmy b»r disobeying Ihe or- 
der of the war department, on duelling. 
We are happy to 6od Ibia eaofiltent reg 
ulaliiir, thus promptly and rigomnaly ex 
ecufed -U.- doubt not it will have the 
desired cflccl In annihilating the inmat 

id badiaruua praelic* of duolUng, 

wSiellbas become W pre. .dent m ibe ar- 

my.— Wash. City. Goa. 

jVVnr-Zftiuton, Augint 10. 

Tilt bri«i w " I|V|,ST "' 1 ' . 

At :i o'docJl lasi eve ;, (uflor ™«1»»* 

nerwwpul to press) an '^ iroaa artived al 

t u „- -, itblufl u. that two '■'. loaand 

„ |, -j.. hnd ar ived In that baiter, and de- 
,„ , '.. 1 -he -ii""ivl"i' of .Im town, 
rta&tu!*h«]'*i*l »*4*a; t» wutuii 

Aug. 11 


■e't, tl ' 
1 rt "i 

1 '. 

, ■ in e mare arir lictl 

rriitoi ol Ehi '•''• 01* 

i,,. 1 1 1 mi, 1 . hi ". 1 ■' "i *- 

jWOO'i-t Ol - 'I 

l ....... ■ ■ .0 11 1 .ni 

... , .,, Ol »>< ItlbS :■ 

irhich no ic ■ will he coi"'i je<) by lite .s;.ir- 

ffi or v I 

,11.1 v v, ',.',[ V >.S, B*i --utor. 
Wetherslh M. A" "'■ ' ' ' "* 

, 1 to the 

■■ ■ 

r that 


CLOTrt i>. Kv 1 ' : - 

> HS suhswibtu; wm id 1 fiirra ■ ■ ' 

' loiio-is ttad all th". ivltl 
e'oth m-eBser) that 1 ■• will eonti ue ' ■ i 
nuss of dressing at his stund in w«si Hnir- 
i-,.,.t. aii thuse who ii."' hi " ■ ' ,: "" 
custom raaj depend on Inivi igit d ■ - oil in 
Hk best ufuani I and ■ ' ' . , ' :, ' l '" "•* 

„. , ,. ELISHA IUS.I.-.1 L.1 

HuthiOsT, Aug i 7; 


P .,,',■ in GI isb ii'iniv Iu 
., 11 .'s oa«i'pi< d -) 

,1 ii ■.; abuui 

! HATvoIuabli 

I ly OWlll d .1- 

„. ,1,1,, .l.'-m^r, 1 
'|uiid f onwniehi8 ■ rerj 0011 

awo'i dwethng !i P. " bvw :'..■■ 1 

'-,.,,,-, I buildings, ■ £" •' ; 1 ' Vl - 

M If not tlisposed ot .-■ i'ii'.i'v - ■- ''''I. 

baeold tipuhr.c v-.j oi. , ..,.!.. I 

S K ,,t, »,bcr iwwai Hi'- -^7" Wrfh .j ' 
., , ,, ir/ctockP.M. h'-'l'.i; ■ p 
t,,, -.. nay ba mode '■ ■ ■■ I 

■ -, i G ]| tin 'ii .ic'io-.., OI to -■■*>■■ >■ 

N lbs-Kan, Orwsfiiid 

Auj.6,t»l* -M'* 

Jtdjul ,nl mi'l inapvetor General's OJ/ue 

Wtuftiii-TtQH. 17/V7 Jiuir 1B1*. 


The Commercial Mail; 



resident has bipn pleased to is- jfW caf,y bvl aix Passensen msiVe— Jfe™ 

sit.- Hi.* following proclamation, ofwhich 
Jilt! and - will be i.'iVni. 

.■;.,.'/:,■ c, ■,/,'. -.-,/ ,,/ ■,',. United Stales of A 
./ . . riat, i " n 


YvherbVs, information has been rcce" 
ve.lllui a number of individuals, who 
have iJceortorl from Die Army of the Uni- 1 
tail States, hare become sensible of Iheir j 
nfftfa™*8,nndapBili!siiKiu3of returning to 
their duly : 

A lull pardon is hereby granted r.nit 
pr ■..■',. :,: l \..ii to usi li and Mil such imlividu- ; 
u!u is shut! tvilhiu Ihreo .months from Hie | 
tbite hereof, &iivri' , i:!.'-.'T:ii'j*iSL-|v. lo the j 

» nrmniliiig officer of any military posl , 

wiiliiii Ifie United Mah's or lltekrrittiries 
In tcsriioany where -r, i have caused 
the seal of Hie United States (» be 
nlBxcd to these pn Bents, and eigned 
Hie &atrjc wild my hand 
Done *Uhc Cily of Washington, the 
seventeenth day of June, A. D. 
one thousand eight hundred net) 
fi)Uileei),oi!(t of i In.' independence 
of the United States Uie thiriy- 

By Hie President, 
James iUoNnoe, FecrlaryofStaf*. 
All officers tmd snlitiers of (he army 
are repaired to continue their exertfi us 

in '!'■<-: !in. mi minting to trial deserters 

from the arrny>. 

A premium sol encee«ingj?fl^ dollars 
Co? each deserter will be paid by [he 
i otmoaniiing officer of Uie post, garrison 
or district i » which ho inuy b,- bronchi 
and delivered. All officers and BOldVrs 
Ri'" n -quired to enforce the law aguinsl 
sitiili citizen or criL&enses ; sJistl entice or 
procure a soldier to desert. The words 
of the hi o are 'is follows, vis: 

" Be it unacted, eye. Thai every person 
not subject Jo the r; ' -s -i I articles of 
War, who shall procure or entice a soldier 
in the service of the United Staraa, lo 
desert; or who shall purchase from any 
S ! liir, his arms, iisdl. ji.ii C 1.1 thing, or tiny 
part thereof ; and every Capluin ©rxom- 
riia>iili;i_- ;f>- . r of any ship or vessel, I 
who shall enter un board such ship or vee- I 
Fel as one of his crew, knowing him to' 
have deserted, or otherwise carry away 
wryauch jfthlier,or shaH refuse lo deliver 
er biro lo the Orders of bis commanding 
ot!i:-tr, siuiil, upon U _'.d conviction] be 
I Hied at the discretion oi any COMli lift' in-' 
cognizance oftlic 93iiiciu any sum nai 
exceeding three hundred dollars ; and 
be imprisoned any term not exceeding 
one y^ar. 

Dy orderofllic Secretary bf\P r. 
Assistant btsptrtor R* vol. 

Notr. — Those printers ofNew^papcrs 
flho p::~l ^ot'n Inns of the I nited St.-.. ■■> 
are infill d to give the said pnielanv^nn 
and tl.i: 3rder three puHrcatiftOB. 
eadh ">■! t, foi two months. 

June 21, 1S14 — 

i'n* Pausing 
rigid cents ptriuiU. 
EAVES Boston, Tuesdays, Thursday; 
and Snuirdays, nt 4 o'clock, A, M. and j "" 
i ■ it .\.'i'--Vi'i-k in 13 hours. j „ r 

flETURNlNG Leaves New York, 

Quays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at ^ 

, Mo 


A. .11. and arrives at Koston in -IS 

sWmeu esTAunsnKEKT. 

/'roin Baalim h ,Vtn> York in two ilnt/a. 

J 1 ;, 1 way of fYaminfikam, fForetaltr, Stur- 
bridg', Stafford Sj tit & lo Harlforti^—txixea 
Boston, Tuesdays, Thursdays nnd S;ilur- 
daya, at S okriock A.M. oiid Sundaysat 
4 o'clock, A. M, and arrives at Hartford 

same r-vening— Leaves Hartford, Mondays, ! gooi) Ibs.'it'l'ne Vitirol 
VVcdmrsihiys, andFridop, at 3 o'llock, A. souo "linul around Madefer 

WtioTescde atuHftetaB 

DAN1RL HOPKINS has made trroat ad- 
dliiuns to Ids supply of DYE-S/fPFFS, 
before tln>y advanced in urlce latt Fall, and 
wneo lindr t'ui) thin Spring, which will giv B 
b''eat advantages Hi indulging biH dispo- 
sition to s-eil quite as cheap au any other 
«on and yet make a decent profit. Be is 
now ii'liiits mid intends to continue to retail 
his Dye-StinTs, about as low as they nan be 
uoughl in New-York or Boston, particular- 
ly l|m_ must im^n ailiclea, and on lite 
mosl HUral terms u„ usual. He has onbaodt 

tO tons superfine warranted ground 
Cainwouil. 6tieb CamvVnod 

W do. Nicaragua of most suprrb qualil)/ 
70 u Lnjrtviind of at! iiuafities and price's 
20 "Furtick 
" Alunij much reduced in price since 

last season 
10 "Copperas do. do. 

3<la "S 

A. M. 



M. and arrives in New-York same evening. 

UETUllKhWp Leaves New-York, 

Tuesdays, Tluirsdaya and BaUndays, at 3 ] 
o'clock,' A. 3!. and arrives at Hartford same 
aveninc. Leai as H irtford f.r Bunion, Mon- 
days Wednnadnys and Fridays, at SoVlock 
A. M, and Sundays, at 1 o'eloclc, A. H. and 
arrives in Boston same evening. 

Tlie public may depend on easy and 
convenient Carriages ; careful and I 3000 fbs. 
mo dating drivers, who will 1 "y every at- 
tvatton to Psssengers. 

Fonrl *o His. baggige, griilts; 10(1 ]hs. e- 
i|!ial to aPassenser. The prouriators wifl 
mil bold themselves accountable for any 
lucgage lost, unless reteited for. 

Books kepi ;,i Simeon Boydai's Dock- 
sriunre, and at EarVs Boston Cofftft-Housp, 
No, 21, Hannover-street; at llenndt's 
CoSbe-liouse, and dt Mv Buckfafi, Hart- 
ford? at BiiKer's CoJTae-House, in New- 
Haven, and at No. 1, Court) and street, 
New -York. 

Smeov BpVDfi:?, 

PiTraTiK ^ Co. 

BivaKV Sihks, \Voreenter, 

Siukon DuAi'Kn, Brook flfld, 

Tii.-.«as Hxovsn, vVilbralianii 

Trojiam Swttst, Suffield, 

Mi i;r li MtCniCKiStnrbridge, 

Li 1 1 B\nrtKB, . . do. 

John Baucock &. (*o Hartford, 

Nath.i.s Pk( k fit Co. New Haven. 

Piojuit i-ns. 

N. R. Extra Cfti'riBgeji furnished at the 
shortest norir-e. and expresses sent to any 
part of the P. States. 

May 31 . CI 

er! and 



Nntgalls— Cochineal 


Ai'Roi ;md Cream of Tartar 
Horns — Crude S:il Aimnonlac 
Grain Tin— Arsenic 
Turmeric — Gam Arabic, tec 
( boat Bengal QotB ■) 
" Spanisli do. I Indigo es 
" do, baVii do. i rmrrant- 
] " Gimtirjnla 
I ".\. Gi'Iwn mtperior 
I, and Isb of France 
toon "Oil f Vitriol, warranted* 
a» '• Aqiin Fortis, strong 
5a " Sj.t. Nitre do. 
50 " Mnriiiilc And 
500 do/., hest glaued Press Papers, 
Carlvldgc do. 

Jai ks 

Cotton and Wool Cards, a variety 
Tenter Honks 
111 pairs While's Shcon tocirrnntid by him, 

and his machines for using 
15 Press Plntc, different sizes 
40 Clothier's Screiv*,/Ir.M qwtlUy 
Cniolis for fulling, sawing, or any other 
pnrpoEes, generally on hand, at Canaan pri* 
res, or made m any pntvrn (hy Burt.) 
Clothier's Brushes, of ill sizes 
Sveet Oil, ner bhl. or in jugs from one 
ijunrt In two gallons 
Potashen, per barrel or retail 
Pear] ashes do. 

Sallad Oil. 

BcstVpIvet Corks, for eider 
Ntllniegs, Cloves and Spices, of all kinds 
Superfine Prussian Blue, per quantity 
Common do- 

Vermillion and small Paints 
Turkey and Hnglish UinAScr 
Poinicc and Potter Stone 

I AVip Summer EsjabtishmeiH. 

ONTllE HinuLK ROAO, I."* 2WY3M10M 


To carry seven Passenger* only 

] EAVES fioMon, Mondays, Wednei 
-J and Fridays, at Iliree o'clocl-, (.. . 
un'ough Dfdhnm,Jtfendon. Pomfret, Ash- | SHOE MANUFACTORY to the 
''"■'I, * Hartford, at <\ o'clock, P, M. to 
b'dge. Leaves llattfovd, Tuesdays, Thurs- 
days, and Satin-days, nt three A. M.aml ar- 
rives in New York »t 'J o'clock, P. M-same 


Lcavxh New York, Mondays, Wednes- 
days, and Fridays, at three o'clock, A. M. 
and arrives ni Hartford aame days, Bl ume 
D'cloakjPiM, Leaves Hurtford, Tuesdays, 
Thursdaysj and Saturdays atS o'clock, A. 
M. ami arrives at Boston same d»ys,at nine 
o'clock, P.M. 

Gen lis men and Lai'ies may travel in lliis 
Line of Stages wiinoiii Ihe great inconven- 
ience id' In ingcrowded, «r.d may depend on 
having easy and com'enicnl Viirrir.'gKH ; care- 
ful ii. accommwdatinc Drivers, who will pay 


HAVING purchased the. stock in tride 
of Mr. Millar Fish, (who has rclin-. 
quisbedthe Boat and Sfc ( , e makiag husi- 
) have mmoTfld their BOOT AND 

formerly occupied by him, and solicit the 
patroaaee of his old «u»to n -.era, B3 well aa 
Ui^ public in j;. ncral. 

They have on band a rompletc assort- 
ment of Ladle's and Gentleman's Booft & 
Shoes, of die best quality and newest fash- 
ion, and are Constantly addinR lo it, which 
they offer as low; scan be purchased »t 
any other store in the city. 

They bare also a larae assortment of 
Moroccd "-rii.s, ofall colours, and all oth- 
er articles ui«de use of in their line of 

A'. B. AH orders will !e attended to with 






A TjTj those who are indebted tr» (he 
j -/"■"* subseriher, either by bowk or note, flrfl 

=fzr^.^rs^acs£*r ■ '^— •» msssmzxis 

customary rati- anil at thifrrall i>l *lic miniT-. 

Seats taken at Mr. BoydWs Dock squane 
and at Karl's No. 24. Hanoi'ur street Boston, 
aiirtatBenneit's'Coffiie House.and Buejt- 
leys, Hartford ? Butler's Hotel and Stage 
House, New Haven, aud No, l Courtland- 
street. New York. 

.V. fi. Extrt. Carriagn furnished at (be 
shortest nolj'ce.iitid tlzprtsta sent with llie 
greatest speed to any pauuf the United 
sta tea, 

Summit Rovoen, Boston, 
PKT»n Ton t* Co. do. 
D.vvin WiLBfin, Mundoii, 
Ar.Eii Jacoux, Tlumipsoi), 

J^si(-:s Wfwiivu,;, I'omfret, 
DrER Cliuk, Asliinnt, 
Ei.Rd.ZF-a I'o.'iiiun, Coventry, 
Joan rim. 01 1 ii. 1 in. Hartford, 
Natbam Pkck h. Co. New Hivan. 


f«r sottleinenL 

_Aul-ui| 2. 

lNJiW iiTiLfc. 

5oeo OOI.LVif" highest Vtlze 
L'UH tale hyT. HATCH, at his Lotterv 
i? Office, tan .-ods south of tlie BrickMec* 


Washington b'Mjue lotte- 
ry, No ll~. Sne assortment or ibojirjt ourrfiVi/.— Physf- 

Thedrawing npproachus — only jn daysjeiairs and families may depend on being 
and the wheels will be put in motion, heavy | served on the best terms, and in the most 
laden with fortunes bounty, not with the I careful maimer. 
produce of the south, or (dogged with the 
burden oE (he war; but with D0S8 rich Pil- 
/.is, which may extort (he gold and silver 
from the vaults 'of the North urthe Sou til, or 
Ibe beautiful bills of the Phamix. 

Harilnrd. July HI. tft;3 

'i\ HATt'H has Tor sale, low "or cash 
or appeal ad credit, a si cond-hnnd CHAjy 
in good order. — Also, i.-i Mil-. Saks, 4 ms. 
-M igaesi 1, containing 100 ivt. .-a/'h, 1. boxi 

May si 


Boards^ Plank, thin* 
gles s &c. 

"O "HITE and DAY, have just received 
• » for sale a large qimntity 'of wliite pine 
LuirrW, being par.ohased wh-illy w : Ith cash, 
will he sold On pond terma, viz, 

200,000 good merchantable 

25,000 clear, do. 

30,000 [a k, 
50 000 lapb >ard», 
aco coo hingles 

WestrSpringn !\Juiy 1st, 1B14. SmntJ 

out further notice*— All (hose who bavtf 
uy demands, will please to present diem 


. 70 


r,< "HE sulisrriliiT respectfully informs the 
« peblic He lias on band a great varieiiy „f 
Cabinet Faniiture and Chairs of almost ev- 
ery desci-Jlrtion made in the most approved 
fiishioriand neatly fioisliod. Persons who 
are wishing in purchase Furniture and 
Chairs aud will favor him with (Jieir custom 
shall have their funiit ore faithfitlfj and neat- 
ly executed, and on very li heral terms. Ati 
orders will ha punctually attended lo. 

Edward Satyw.r:, 
Wethcrsficld, Aug. a, tl'70 


nJ™ Pt L rf -v?*i r, ' rtara ' fW A mi!T mC i lN ««P«if*of VM-mrttoHf, half a mil 
Drugs and Medicines, as umal, a very J 7U , , Pr( . !11 ., v _ :( . : h . ir>M 




,11 Ihdr Storfj next door North of the 

P.rirh Mtrling-HoMe } 
TT AVE at great expense, executed the 
> * Manufacture ol the above style of, 
ItOOM PAPERS, in a superior niann 
and in a variety of figures ; — obvialing for- I '• 
mer objections to too much sameness in ; 
the mum, when on. Their assortment of 
'-■: ■■;::' -ft and common Piipcra, is very ex- 
■ ■ 11 a've, .nut are Helling at Uie old prices. 
H in Icsiile customers stippled on their usu- 
al liberal terms. 

N. h. T11- ahuve Papers are sold hy 
M.S111S. H. O. Kow ers &. Co. Middlotmvu 
;.. il Mr. (Jliver floodnia, Litchfield, at 
lory prices. 

JOSEPH CHU-tCil & Cp. 

j ffous ncticfj a neio supply of &'0OD% 
which they trill sell on Uie fonwal Units. 
— VIZ 

and Britiinia Tc 

PLATED and Brltnnia Tea Pots, C 
ters ; Silver and plated Spoons'; Gold 



^0 Bolts AroericanUuok of an e^cel 
leu iinalily— -for sate hy 


V H. Two or three smart- ynur, ; ; Men 
I- .■;ii.imtfd ivitii drawing line Wire, cm find 
i'i. 1 : ij hy iinpljing ,13 above, 
btanforu, May 3. tf57 


JVn Jledanditofiht Bridgt Market, 

BKto OM liAM) i HUlim. '. .- (-'lU'Ult.n' g> 


Stills and Worms, 


T ES, UKJITRh Pli'ESi ^ c $*■ 

T7 HOSt! vhn are In wai t ofany ofthe a- 

' hoit- attioles .\ill it: grerll* in their 

fjdv ge ti. ejill, nit In- intends always to 

n>v ( . m, haiiiek'sas will best suit them both 
as to quality ttpd [iricu, 

Hi' ilii'ti-r; bimsttlffrom the faithful exc- 
Cution of his work that he cao gjye genenij 
af.;:tfi -.■■i-.-.u to tb se wh; n-.i.y fever him with 
lli-:ir rum minds, ami he fully assures ihem 
lU-t'. fv; will use every effort lo accom.- 

Pepairiitg old Mills k Worms, 

,iii-l uilier kiuiis ol Copper mid Brass work 
will be strictly attended to. 

■ Cash and the highest price given for 
Oi l Copper. Brass, Pewter, and Lend 

N. B. Said Step hens un wants an apprcn- 
ticeto the C/ippTsmitli bnsuipfls, an active 
young lad of 1 1 »r : '. years "f age. One 
from tbi- country would us preferred. 

Cily Harlfurd, .inly 1st, 1814. CCtf 


1 on 8M«. nr, d halfbbls, moss 1 ami Prime 

***" SHMJ I..I1MU,,, 


Jiarlfoul, Juie 7. Br >■-. 

Bead-!; gold, silver niidgilt Watch T; 
• miiigs ; pearl <■< f lain gold Biacelots ; 
I pearl, and plain gtdd ear and finger Rh ; :^ ; 

1 Plated Candlesticks ; Knives and Forks; 
ts.rr.TZ fu-. I'i.-j S;- uffeis and li y. 

j Pan knives ; Ra/,ora and Scissors ; ainer 

I Thimlilus ; Pocket Bunks : Purses and 

hrend (Juses; silver .md plaurdEpaulcita; 

IkSasIies; Swnrd Knotts ; silver Vellum 

Lnce; Prussian Bidding plated Curd, :vc. 

N. B. Watches put in the bes mderpos- 

sihle, ,i:nl warranted lo keep time one, 

_Hirtrord, (head ofFerry-st. July 10. 



\ WORK particularly adapted to youth ; 
* c:i!;ta;i;ji.^ r.'t::-liirs e;:;\ 
prayer for every moraine A:d evening in 
the week. The sole object of ibis little 
booh is to promote their improvement in 
virtue and piety.— Price 2i cents. 


By R. SooTHKr, aHrrdged— P rice £5 cents. 
TJlD above hooks are publishing, and ivill 
be ready for sale in a very few days. 


2 vols, ^ilt backs, nt 1 In: reduced tiice of 1 50 

VICAK of WAKlirib-LUi 

Prion 7.'. rents, 

C'hap tooks, 1 oy Honks, i'chooi 
Ij- oks, c ' ( c. 

at Wiiol sal,: ami ie';,il, cheap for Cash. 


executed on the must r'onjminble terr'i ;. 


Hartford, JulvC. 161 I. tfG7eow 

A valuable FARM 


J" TWO In Flirmiflgton, nonh society, oa 
J-J the east side of the river, one mile- l of die luiupike road, containing ahuut 
one hundred and (lurtvor fortv acres of ev- 
cellant land well divided mtb mowbig> 
plow land and paslunng— also a good ur- 
chardand wood lot ; on said Farm is a con- 
vement Dwellhig Houses and two good 
Batns, whir], u ill be sold cheap tor — 
For further pinirulaiseiuiuire of the sub- 
scriber Hying on Hie premises, 

Fnrminpton, Aug. 2. -,n 



mwacMatadAftalfofoxceHTOlLAItrOj wiifa :■ 
InoA -ty iin. Hi^ir] nw . a pootl - sllofwo 
•"rear Ibt-bbnic, ta.inu Ov^.tUoOt Iv-ari-t 
Appletr[CE,»uffi.jentloTOak« i™ i)jir»l» ■ fii 
d«] fetrly, togclhw niihi iu-woit« tiiuiton a!-ii 
splmtyofwatei, and itnn «t?cUect sisn' 1 loi 
aTnnnunniUShoemaku^—tonit pari of eu. 
piopsrlj) is on ;«i aa inenrab ranee, 
Al o,twn a cry- of excellent landooltw nick 

way (iiijwil*!.- tHrabirv, with r.c; bali" C.I :. 
DewbunGtaintinKther'eoa.tb* irlinl^ of lit a 
bove property wilt cfsftl'l ihcap,foi (atthn 
paitHolnisenrjairs w. ibe nibscrilwi: or tn> 
pTflriiw, ETllAS oMllii. 

W«4-Hartfortlb nftfflh mri;1ttI8 »1 

• JA.NAWAi frorn"e subscriber «n Uie 
i fc Iftth hi.-t. a boy by the naine or Roy sc I 
t "ili'tfl, light complexion, blue eye*, fifteeti 
yeara old, to whom 7 am Guardian. Wfcu- 
i'er >■ ill return said Coy, shad be entitled 
to one cent revrard, and no charges | aid. 
All persons are forbid harboring or trusting 
said hoy on penalty of the law. 

SUifTord, Atig.2 70 

jpm: p"ublrt! a-e hereby mfbrmed thaffne 

■- eo-pirfnei-ship heretofore eating biC 

hveen Hezekiah H. Palmer and DSmVI 

-oiTslvdi, ie, by mutual consani, this day -&is- 

wKaiL HE^'K. If. PALMER, 

Simsbury;, July i«tb, 1014. 
T^e business as usuaJ 

ve rr 

111 eh 


THE subscribers, appointed to superin 
tend agene.i-al Vaccine [nnOculali .f 

(l.- ghnbitants iif ibis town hy pact. Syiva- -itt-e )!l( , „ lhs , ,.;:„.,, ,„ .;„„ 
tins 1'anslier, have I lie satisfaction lo reiiurt VV die H.-n. Conrt of I'i 

124 Dollars and 
160 Acres of Land 

TO ah* ah|c bodied active young men 
who are willing lo join the RIFLF. corps iit 
rii'tinee of llieir country's injured rights, 
can have an Opjiorlunity by applving to 
Capl, E, BOARDMA^, near the Rttle 
Bridge, Hart fovd Con. Thoywllj receive the 
following articles of uniform ckialhiiuj— 

t ( ap, 

I , tuck, 

3 (oats, 

1 Kifie Frock, 

1 ( reat coat, 

4 Shirts 

2 pr linen Pantaloons, 
a pr woollen do. 

2 pr Stockings, 

2 pr. .*■ ocks, 

2 pr. Caters, 

4 pr Short lioots, and 

1 Blanket^ 

and will sen c tinder those able ai'd distin- 
guished commanders Cols, Clams and 

C. S. Rifle corps. 
Hartford, Con., I ■ ,z Oth, I'll. 6? 

N B, A IliMmmia-, Fifer, and Bugle man 
wo itvd immediately. 


H«t j'i •/ rtcri-i.l and fur sale, 

7 OO i '^ s an ^ ^ J '^ ' ^' s J: ' a ' t *' 

/ inore.Pliilndeljibui, and New- York 

fresh FLOUR, which he will sell reasona- 
ble. He expects to n ceil e a COr&l&M sup- 
ply af t hi Stir title [hroogh this season, which 
he l els assured he can sell as low as can 
he found in this market 

Cash ra^ tor a few barrel i CIDTtll 
BRVNDY, if delivered noon. 

Hartford, July It. grnOJ 

II licreafter be carried on by DANIEL 
MARSHALL, wftffpunctuidily and cspo 
opportun'ity to return 
■s for their favors 
the general satjs- 
i:"'i-i [(' has been 

dition, who Likes tl: 
bis tlntnk* to Ida custo 
the Inst aeason, and ho| 
£iciion whioh he Jlsttei 

CAN C ill il 

t LHED. 


OFFERS Ids services to uafortuuate vie- 
timsofthe aliove malrtdy, and justified 

by (he usual sn< s.-. of bis remedy, nssun's 

them of ids ability to tuTord relief. His rem- 
edy is, the saice as ad minis te re i by the 1 - 1- 
ebraK'd Dr. Pder Davison-, of die s;jie of 
New-York, in whose behalf the Legislature 
of tbatState passed n sp'ci ial .' el , :iud from ' **'" '' 
tbutgautleman, who was Hit discoverer, die 
subscriber originally recsivcu his knowledge, 
and in substaniiatii .1 ofita efficacy, respect- 
fully refers die puiilic in his certificates from 
persons who have rerrived its benefits,— 
N'o disease to which Ibe hnmsu body 1 ismo- 
Ject, hosso generally baffled medit-al Will, 
•■ peciajlj m its advanced stages, asd the 
present opportunity is worthy Uie atleiitioJi 
of every person laboring imdw itt ra ages, 
forinnoaiHir inlsdi 'ays more impr0per,& 
so frequently attend) dwith «i'.n Pjial coiiae- 
qnuncvs.— Th< subsfcriher'a n -e. ;.ce is 
seven doors Souih of fiie Presnyteri»n 
G lynch, main-street, ovor the Aticllou- 
ttoom ofMc. Hatch. 

Hertford, June li, law. lf-:.i 

given, willPVsitfl their cuntinuation. 

N. B, The subscriber ofTeisj liberal en- 
cotiragameatfor the services of a smart ami 
experienced *brkmnnat tlia Cloth Dressing 
bnsiiKiss.— Noighhouriig Clbthiera wiio 
have not a constant supply t .f water, e^irt 
have cloth Allied at this mill In any season 
ol ibe year, mi short notice. 

. ri-lA'IRL MARgfTALt. 

■ a H^subseribei-s being bv the Hon.Cuuit 
- 1 - of Probate for tbe district of Simahu- 
rv, .,p. .,:.,,,, 1 commissioners to receive, 
•.xagaine and adjust ihe claims of tin. c«-d- 
"'rfl to tlie eeuite or THOMAS SPEN- 
LI'.R, late ofBarfcuaiasted, deceased, nmre.- 
sonted liiao|vdi)t,and sip months fioin Uie 
second (Uy of August being allowed to aidd 
creditors to exlutff their claims— noticu is 
hereby [.riven iIihI we shall attend to tlie bu- . 
sinpsa ofour appoiniment at tho kite Dwel- 
ling Rousfl oft&a ilerea?od,outhefiis.l Mon- 
day in October, and the last Monday in;' 
Jai.iiary nost,'at 1 o'clock P. M. oirOaeB of 
said il iys, tbf/ac accounts not exhibited du- 
ly altosted ,m,I he b -^dlv debar. cd. 
PthfioliMnn, -) 
JoHah ft. Hurt, C Com'ra. 
Salmon lined. J 
BnrVhi'Dietfd, . ,v :i^. y. to 


njivrs J'nit s*lk, 

60 Quintal 2s first rate 

Hartford, (B n-rj?t|-pel) : Ti?!y 20. 4W70 


l-JUX I ■ f \S. 
SET ii W H \i\ NG. 

HASforsrlo, W boxes of Mtis< rt«l Rtti- 
ains of du- first quality, by the box or 
single pound, togetiuir with tin following 
articles which he warrants to ho. of the first 
uuality, vi-/,. Madeira, v"idor.!*» Lisbon, and 

I! vi 

st Tiber oilers for sale bis place, 
* C.irn-r 'd Front v<i TiuVH Street in (ha 
ei'y of Hartford, now occu])ied by Timothy 
Bryant, Srooe Cutter. 

Welhrr^'dd. A'i~. : . 181 !. ti~7i> 

I octor .1. KLio.-, 
n NFOHMd his friends nnd tho publio 
.2 that he has lately removed to Hart- 
ford rar the practice of Physic end Surp;c- 
'■ rj'i mid has te[<en (be (louse formerly 

I Malaga Wines.— Cognac Bmuitv, Leiper's ocoupwd hy the lain Dr. I^miiel Hoi«. 
best SniuV, j'nf Ginger, (able Fish, Molasses > kins, n few doors s-Jiilli uf Ihe Church, in 

that Nisetekh HuMnnxniiavQ beaninuuc- 
ulatvd, am! Glut in our opinion he has ht—ii 
very v:icrei> in) in. his pvoiessionnl sari'i es, 
;o:iN HUNT, Jr. (" m .n. 


New Maien, July S. 

[Whilst vaccination goes on thus lb*ely in 
taw State, and the inhabitants are shielded 
from one .!f die grcotesl calamities incident 
to onr speeiee, »\e ar.' :n: r\ lo SCO by tin- 
late hills of morla lily far the eity of NeW- 
York, Uiatour fcJlow oitixen^ there, are srill 
foiling victims to the Small Pen, nrhoao 
liv.n miiiln uasily, inn! ou^bt in hai ,. i„ -..,, 
caved by Idm- puck Inoculatl' nf!] j 

1 Cassia, Bohea Tea, Coilfee, and u'l'nfrr 
str'un'tt lamp Oltu vhjeh i-. higldy oppov- 
1 veil of by the best judges in tllifl t.'i'y— (.-"arf, 
, Waggon, and cl'iaisc Boxes, stone ware, 
shaving Soap, he. 


appointed by 
nbate for tlie 
district of Hartford, Commissioners to i"e- 
ceive, examine andadjusl die claims oftlie 
creditors to the estate of IXUJU KENT, 
late oC Suffield, deceased, represented in- 
solvent — haruby givu nvlice that wo will at- 
tend to (he business of our appointment at 
the dwelling -bouse of Jonathan K Kent in 
said flufireld, on tho first Monday in Octo- 
ber, and on tin- third .Monday in December 
next, at a o'clock, P. M, on each of said 
days— six months rrom this date being sd- 
I- 1 11 ed by said Ceiii't-for thfl ci'oditi>rs to nx- [present their aceou ■'■■ propcrl) guested, 

1 HP.Hon.Conrtof Pruhsto fin- the dis- 
1 trlci of Lilcblield, hath rdloived i, 
monlbs from the d«te horeof, for the ci'vdi- 
tors lo the eatatu nf Jonathan f'nxl'it, late 
of Litchfield, daceusod, to exhibit their 
claims for satllemcnt— those who neglect tn 

hibit llieir t'bdm , propi rlj utti atudjur they 
will be debarred a recovery. 

,TJoi/i'n Slmldan, 
H'jrnf King, 
Suffield, July lJ,i::jt. B9 


n iiliiu wrld time v. ill '. debarred 11 recove- 
ry -- Ml persons indebted in said b itate art 
unestcd 10 make inKnediatn pavmoat to 
.Ton-; WELCH, Adm*r, 
LitchfiVld, Ao& a. ?i> 

iMaiir-slroet He keeps eonsfontlF on 
band f>r bis own practice, un assortment 
of cb.-iee MEDICINES, selected am] 
prepared hy himself. Dr. .Bliss has ac- 
commodations formediral sliulenls, and 
flatters hioisulf (tut his airVaDlages for i f 
structimi in his profession, are not infers 
or to (hose usually enjoyed under a pi ■ 
vote inslruetor, July 2J, cj 


'11HF. subscribon keep co,iu>t.uitly fur 

i sale, Am- n. ,i,i Quti-Ponxter, maim- 

factored l\ ir tbt-ni, [>,„„ the best BjBhnfe 

flls, and warranted fir. I quality. 

T. K. BRACK As Co. 
Hartford, Jan. lo—sitf—